WTF is "liberal media"

Can someone please explain the difference between the “liberal media” and the regular media?

Liberal media is basically what Fox News calls all other media in order to justify their propaganda.

‘Regular media’ tell the truth 18% of the time. ‘Liberal media’ lie 18% of the time.

Liberal media is any media that uses Fox News as a punchline.

The liberal media IS the regular media.

[Fox News Watcher]So they’re basically the same-18%. [/FNW]

Liberal media reports facts, especially uncomfortable-to-narrow-minds facts.

Or, simpler, “liberal media is any that reports things that I don’t like”.

The liberal media includes CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN. MSNBC, PBS, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The LA Times. The regular media includes CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN. MSNBC, PBS, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The LA Times, and FoxNews.


So they are “regular” in the defecatory sense, then.

Here’s a start:

As other have pointed out it is a pejorative view that the media is deliberately biased toward a a viewpoint another side doesn’t like, in this case conservative people think the media is biased against them.

But if the media is to do its job and attempt to objectively present information, it has to be “liberal.” It has to account for all views, contrasting views, etc., where the viewer decides how they feel about news instead of being told think/act a particular way.

I don’t know, but HuffPo is frequently cited, and if they are representative then it’s clickbait all the way down.

If you can believe that media owned by corporations and sponsored by corporations cannot control either it’s reporters or what they report, then you can believe in the vast “Liberal Media”.


As in the pot (liberal media) who calls the kettle (Fox news) black.

There was once a poster around here who claimed that the Sunday *New York Times *magazine had liberal recipes. He never explained what a liberal recipe was.

Trying to be a little less biased myself, I’ll point out that every medium has its bias. It’s unavoidable. No medium can report all the news. So choices have to be made over what stories are important and relevant.

Another factor is that news media, by their nature, report on what’s unusual. To give one currently relevant example, there are hundreds of thousands of police officers in the United States. And most of them are doing their jobs without incident. But if one police officer shoots an unarmed suspect in suspicious circumstances, it’s reported as news. Some people might argue that this shows bias - the media is reporting on the one police officer who shot a suspect while not reporting on the hundreds of thousands of police officers who are doing their job properly.

Too much sauce - which, as we all know, is a French invention.

The real liberal media would be msnbc, alternet, pbs, maybe npr.

What I’ve never got are the conservatives who think all media outlets that aren’t conservative are by default liberal. Msnbc is not the same thing as abc.

A liberal recipe is one that, if you follow the directions, it works. Science-based, in other words.

Saying you can make a scratch cake without flour is not “cooking the controversy”.:slight_smile:

I’m a liberal and a fan of both NPR and PBS, so I’ll admit my bias upfront. I often see complaints that NPR or PBS are liberal. Being a partisan, I don’t see either of those outlets as being particularly liberal, and sometimes I think NPR bends over backward to offer equal time to opposing sides. But, or course, as a liberal, I would say that.

So, honest snark-free question for those who do see PBS and NPR as liberal: can you describe where you see the bias there, or provide some examples?

I think you have that backwards. Fox is demonstrably the colour of pots and kettles. (See the site in this thread, or several sites in the GD thread.) So Pot Fox is accusing the kettle of being cast iron, while holding itself out as shiny stainless steel.