WTF is wrong with the marketing dept. at Apple?

Just when I decide that my next PC upgrade will be a Mac, they start running those fucking ‘Make the switch’ adverts.

What the fuck are they thinking? They claim that Os X does not crash. Bull-fucking-poop-shit. Why is Crash recorder included? Why was 10.1 rushed out so quickly? Utter fucking falsehoods from Apple.

And the general gist of the ads seems to be ‘If you too are a fucking moron, ditch that wintel and get a Mac!’. Talking down to your desired market is not the brightest thing to do.

I want to ditch XP (Ironically, because it does what I want it to do: Plays all of the latest and greatest games better then Mac or *Nix. But I spend WAY to much time gaming, so I figured I’d go Mac (with Linux coming in third), in an attempt to cut-back my gaming).

Fuck that, Linux it is. Or maybe I’ll get a Sun Blade. But I will gouge my eyes out with AOL cd’s before I get a mac. What a bunch of self-righteous assholes those Mac folk are (Corporate, not users).

And the new I-Mac looks like regurgitated ass-chowder.

I think you’ll fit in juuuust right here. Welcome, my PC brother! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, Apple sucks, PC’s rule, all that stuff.

Some of them are a bit annoying. Dell dude + talking cow easily out annoys them, though, so I think I’ll stay with a mac.

Ugh, those commercials annoy the crap out of me.One featured a woman (writer) talking about why she made the switch. She said “A mac is like an extension of my brain. I just didnt get PC’s.” WTF? How is double clicking on the MS Word icon in windows harder than double clicking on the…um… Apple Wordpaint* icon in a mac?

Another one: “With a mac, it’s like the user interface isnt even there.”

*Name pulled out of my ass

There is nothing named “Crash Recorder.” Perhaps you mean the Console program ? That can optionally be set to give you a crash log. More often it tells you why your modem hung up on you. In what way is this a lie or a bad thing ?
It took Apple half of forever to get 10.1 out. It was a pretty minor update. Right now the system is up to 10.1.5. In what way is that an “utter fucking falsehood from Apple” ?
If you want to Bitch about Apple, at least take the time to find something real to whine about.

I have no beef with Macs on a technical basis; I wouldn’t have considered buying one otherwise. Then again, we have 2 four-story datacenters here, with thousands of servers. Nary a Mac to be seen…

But those fuck-shit 'I just don’t get PC’s ’ commerical are atrocious. May the marketing firm responsible for this latest wave of crap burn in hell. And throw the Dell fucker and Gateway SOB into the flames as well.
Sigh…I feel better now.

OSX is virtually bulletproof.

Why anyone would wish to waste their time with Windows is beyond me. :smack:

Crash Reporter, not recorder, and fuck you. You know what I meant. And at apple’s website they blatantly state that Mac’s don’t crash. Poop-shit they don’t.

So fucking disingenious of Apple. They don’t even fess up to it’s existance at their support site, only in the dev. forums.

A copy/paste from my Mac using buddy:

Here’s how to turn on the system crashreporter. It gives a backtrace of each thread and the contents of registers at the time of the crash.

In 10.1 in the utilities folder (in the applications folder) open up the console application and go to the Preferences and check the box for crash logs.

Poop shit? Isnt that kind of redundant?

I’m also mystified by the spokewoman who said she didn’t “get” her old computer, but found the Mac to be so easy and smooth.

Huh? Assuming her old computer was Windows-based, what’s not to get? You click on the little pictures and stuff happens. It odd, considering how much legal fuss Apple kicked up claiming Microsoft copied them. Maybe they’re saying “They didn’t copy us enough!”

“…I never felt connected to my computer…”

What were you expecting, a fucking implant?

fucking implant - available with Win XP service pack 3

Wow, I almost feel like a fundie xtian. Nifty.

I tell you what: these commercials are a big letdown from the ‘1984’ commercial that accompanied the launch of Macintosh. Who would have thought then it would be the pinnicle of the blend between commercialism and creativity?

Even after the lawsuits, Wintel/AMD is still on top while their competitor’s stocks have fallen precipitously. The decisions like the lauch of the calamitous AOL, Apple and Sun commercials are a big factor in the sudden lack of appeal of their products.

That’s because it’s a developers tool. Apple includes a complete C/Java development environment with each copy of the OS. If you’re stupid enough to complain about that, you’d probably be happier getting one of these.

Get a Matrox G400 Card;

Your game playing games will soon come to a close;

but you will be unable to give it up thanks to the Kick Ass 2D quality. :slight_smile:

You fucking apologetic tool. They include a crash-dump tool because the fucking OS obviously can crash. Take your nose out of Wozniak’s ass, and admit to yourself that Macs != Godliness.

A C/Java dev enviroment. Like they are the same thing. What they fuck, they throw in a copy of GCC (or whatever fucking mac equiv. exists) and whatever Java interpreter Sun lets them have? Don’t try to sound technical. You obviously are not.

The E-Mac (some sort of psuedo IMac for people that think the new one looks like buttchowder) comes with a Ge2MX I hear. Not a bad card, but I am supposed to give up my Ge4 4600 for that? No sir.

The G400 sucked anyways. Although, I hear the next Matrox card is going to be gnarly.

I agree, that commercial was so over-the-top it made me want to vomit.

However, is this not a little over-the-top too?

You must forgive me if I say…Dude?

You don’t have enough self-control to stop playing so many games that you want to get a different computer/OS/whatever? That’s kinda like saying “I just can’t stop watching that lovely Mr. Philbin on TV, so I’m switching to radio!” or “I’m too fat, it must be the refrigerator’s fault - out it goes!”

Man, just go outside. Take up a nice active sport, like Human Safari. Or a sedentary one, like sniping. Or do something else with your PC - teach yourself MFC just by using Developer Studio and MSDN (like I’ve been doing the last 2 months). So you can then scream in agony “Why the fuck did Microsoft make tab controls so goddamn hard to control? Why the fuck are CComboBoxes so fucked up? And why does it take 892 lines of code to grey/ungrey text on a single button?” Then you’ll get a whole new appreciation for how much Microsoft sucks…

Mac user here. I drink the kool-aid, but I also have a sense of humor.

Check this out. :wink:

Well the coding is screwing up the link.