WTF? These motorcycles have to be pieces of crap!

The 2 motorcycles they have. MSRP’s of $2,399 and $3,499 brand new?! Anyone know about Vento’s and whether they are any good? Because that cheap, well, they have to be bad.

Check the specs: they’re not motorcycles, but 50cc 2-stroke scooters. The “big” one is 150cc, and develops a whopping 9.4 horsepower! They probably have a top speed of about 30 mph.

By contrast, the Honda Helix has a 250cc engine and costs $5,300.

So, yeah, the Ventos are cheap and not very powerful, but their price seems roughly in proportion to their capabilities.

These are small engine bikes. The Rebellian is only 150cc. And they appear to be chain drive, not shaft or belt. I went on line and looked up some pics. The Thunder (250cc) is a nice looking bike. But for about the same money you could get a good used 250 Virago. I don’t trust a company I never heard of.

The Op is refering to the “cruiser” models, not the scooters. The cruisers kick ass with a huge 13 and 17 horsepower! Wow! :eek:

D’oh! :smack: Missed them.

Well, they look like cheap, flashy, and underpowered bikes. Don’t forget that if it can’t go very fast, you don’t have to make the brakes and various other pieces as beefy, so you can make them cheaper.