WTF?! Where are my Levi's 569 jeans?

These are the perfect fit for me. I have thick legs (thank you, genes and many years of soccer) and like a loose, slouchy fit.

I went online to buy maybe two or three more pairs yesterday, at JCP.

WTF?! They have gone from four dyes to one. A few more searches at different stores and I’m panicking - are Levi’s discontinuing this style?

Say it ain’t so. This cut of jeans was the best I ever had.

Didja check the Levi’s site?

Thanks for sending me there…I likes me some men in jeans :slight_smile:

Shepler’s also has Levis jeans. They sometimes have them on sale too.

Amazon seemed to have several different kinds.

Levi’s are the only kind of jeans that should be allowed.
On anyone

Wrong. They don’t make jeans for tall men. Fuck Levis.

Have you ever tried on the 559s? Sounds like we’re of similar build, and I recently switched from 569s to the 559s. They’re still relaxed, but they fit just a bit more.

I also tried on a pair of 501s on a lark. Not happening. I’m in good shape too, but muscly thighs in tight denim don’t look strong; they look fat.

That factory closed.