Okay, I didn’t quite know where to post this as it can fit in many forums on this board. The Pit, IMHO, GD and MPSIMS…

I am sitting here watching “COPS” (not a lot to choose when you don’t have cable) and they are showing a sting where a cop is selling the KGB, reefer, mary jane etc… to people that are in the neighborhood.

In most of those instances these people are only wanting a nickel but all the cop has “reportedly” are dime bags. people pretty much state they don’t want a dime, only a nickel. The cop in turn basically traps these people into buying a dime bag. It’s this “used car sales person” trick, you get them to buy more than they can or want to afford.

Okay, as a Libertarian I think this is freakin lame, as a citizen of the US I find it extremelly disturbing that a cop should be able to have such legal abilities to sweet talk or use sales representation to sell people drugs for the sake of putting people in the legal system.

I have seen a similar sting with regards to prostitution on the same show.

I find it outrageous that the police should be able to lure people into doing such illegal acts. To me it is blatent entrapment. So what if that person would have bought the drugs elsewhere, the drugs aren’t the problem in this case, it’s the police feeling the need to use crude tactics in a situation that deals with non-violent offenders yet Mr. Murderer is still walking the streets because we are too focused on drugs to put a real criminal behind bars.


I find it amazing that we put such efforts into such “law enforcement” when there are plenty of families who want to see their son’s or daughter’s murderer placed behind bars. IMHO.

I agree wholeheartedly with you on this.

I have some relatives who are in the police force–and I can tell from their example that not all of our officers are this way–but there are some who seem to be more interested in filling their quota than ‘protecting and serving’.

I say we call in Mr. T! He’ll bust down those crooked cops without batting an eye! I pity 'da fool who don’t respect T!


TechChick, I am so in love with you…

Someday this country will be right, you just gotta have hope.

It’s all a matter of priorities, and we still haven’t shaken off the Reagan years on this issue.

I find it disturbing that any police department would be wasting their time (and our tax dollars) attempting to bust people trying to buy weed on the street.

As to whether it’s a nickel or a dime, who gives a shit? If you are talking nickel/dime in the old school sense of a $5 or $10 bag, I would think the cops are just trying to put up a plausible act. Who the hell sells $5 bags anymore?

And are you saying the cops were approaching people and offering drugs unsolicited? As far as I know that is entrapment and Lionel Hutz could probably get the case dismissed. The fact that the evidence aired on national TV wouldn’t hurt either.

Either way, I agree that this an obscene waste of resources. I think it’s a joke that pot is still illegal anyway (that’s a whole other whipped horse thread) but you’d think that if they really wanted to “crack down” on the epidemic use of marijuana :rolleyes:, they would at least run their “sting” operation with undercover buyers and bust a few dealers.

What backwater town was this filmed in anyway?

I think y’all already know how I feel about this subject. :slight_smile: I had never heard of cops using this strategy to try and bust (VERY) small-time pot users. Crack and hookers, yeah. But pot?! DIME BAGS?! I know people that sell pot who would laugh you right out of their house if you tried to buy something that small. I think the cops’ time would be better spent staking out a newspaper machine waiting for people who pay for one paper and take twenty. At least that crime has a victim!

While the intent behind these sorts of operations are understandable (keep people from buying drugs by making them think that they may be talking to an undercover cop instead of a drug dealer), the only way it’d have any sort of significant effect would be if there were many, many times more of these “busts” going on every day, and there’s just not enough money for that.

Certainly, there’re better things for our cops to do than to pose as dealers, right? Can’t there be more effective ways to stop drugs, like getting to the root of the problem rather than tempting Mr. Joe Curious?

On that note, I move that we launch a full-scale assault on Colombia, using everything in our arsenal, including Britney Spears, N*Sync, and Beanie Babies. That’ll show those evil, drug-dealin’, child-subvertin’ bastards!

I’m hoping, in order for this to make any sense at all, that we are talking about the new fangled definitions of nickel and dime. IE: nickel = 1/4 oz. dime = 1/2 oz.

Which has always bugged the shit out of me, because they makes no sense and aren’t even easier to say. Nickel and quarter are damned near the same word, and surely dime is no quicker or easier to say than half.

I’ve never heard of a dime being anything but a $10 bag, but a nickel has evolved into something totally wierd. I learned a while ago, that when people refer to a “nickel,” or more commonly, “nick,” they are referring to a relatively large quanitity, so I just assumed they meant 1/5 of an oz. Then I guess I discovered it means 1/4 of an oz. which makes exactly no sense. I hate slang terms. Sorry for the hijack.

I’ve lived in two different states and talked to potheads all over the country on IRC, and I’ve never heard of a dime bag being anything but a $10 bag of weed.

A lid, BTW, is an archaic term for an ounce, according to some old 'heads I’ve run into.