wto-democratic? (not a debate)

i am in the midst of a debate about the world trade organization. i say that because they are subject to all of the laws of the governments of the member nations and that they have a democratically elected board (or whatever) that they are democratic–or, at least as democratic as anything has been since the days of the greeks.
my opponent is something of a michael stivik (a la all in the family) and the only way for me to rub his nose in it is to come up with cites, but i can’t figure out where on the web to go for info. I’m thinking that the wto is UN sponsored, so they would have info.
In short, can someone tell me where to look up this information? i’m guessing that i would need charters or bylaws from somewhere about the wto.

The WTO’s website is here. They have a big section on the WTO’s organization and purpose, which I’m sure will be helpful.

friedo, I be a thankin’ ye!