Wuick = Work; Others?

It’s hard to spell Wuick to give the right inflection, but hopefully that’s close enough to get a thread going on the regionalisms in pronuciation that stand out to you.

Two or more syllables in “shit” for instance.


And how many ways can you mess up “squirrel”?

There was a trivia question, “what is the longest one-syllable word in English?” The listed answer was “squirreled”, presumably pronounced to rhyme with “world.” My wife, however, insists that there are two syllables in the word (even though she pronounces it exactly like I do)

Go down south and there are plenty of added syllables, you already mentioned ‘she-it’. My own one syllable name becomes ‘ay-ed’. ‘Business’ will be hard if you don’t know how it’s spelled. Ninglanders sometimes get confused from their own pronunciation, there was a story about a woman who moved to the mid-west and went looking for a ‘dress patten’, having no idea that ‘pattern’ actually has an R in it.

First, I was sure you were going to insist it was “shit.”

Next, how many syllables are there in “orange”? I’ve heard, to recall, “ah-ringe” and “arnge” and “or-inge” among others.

‘Crayon’ becomes ‘crown’ for some.

I remember quite a few kids pronouncing the writing implement as if it were spelled “puntsul.”

And do you want to go get a feather pillow when somebody complains that they’re “tarred”?

Considering that “squirrel” has two syllables, I find it hard to see how adding an “ed” could cause one of them to disappear.

My mother “warshed” our clothes…perhaps by hand at one point, but by the time I came around we had a “warshing” machine.

There are dialects that do not pronounce a schwa before the “l,” hence the “squirreled” rhyming with “world” comment.

My sister says she’s heard some people on TV/movies pronounce it “cran.”

I’ve heard that some Americans are amused at how Canadians pronounce the word “sorry.”

Either way, though, I imagine she warshed them in wooder.

Yeah, or wawtuh.

Spearmint – that thing you do in a chemistry lab.

In the lavatory.

I have a cousin from Miss’sipi. Her name is spelled with three (3) letters. P, A, T. It is pronounced with three (3) syll’bles:
Pai-ay-aht. :slight_smile:

I had meant to come back to this before. Variants include “binniss” and “bidniss” and to many people you don’t go to an office, you go to a place-a-binniss.

Even Flight of the Conchords had fun with Flight of the Conchords- Business Time.