WW2 Desert Relics

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I am a new member from the United Kingdom, recently I read in a news report that a British Long Range Desert truck from WW2, 1943. had been found in the desert last year, and it was untouched and in fantastic condition and still had air in its tyres, it is now being moved to a museum. Does anybosy know of any web site where we can look at WW2 debris thats been found in the desert.
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Here is a WWII British airplane that was recently found in the Egyptian desert.

You can also look up the B-24 bomber “Lady Be Good” which was found in very good shape in the Saharan desert in the early '60’s, with the bodies (mummies, really) of the hapless crew nearby where they mostly died of thirst.

On a tangential note, there is a mountain in New Mexico where you can climb up it and find the remains of a B-24 that crashed there in WWII. Due to the terrain, it was never practical to remove what was left of the plain, so hey retrieved the bodies of the crew and left the rest in place.

Also on a tangent there are the Burmese Spitfires that have recently been located and are being dug up: http://news.discovery.com/history/world-war-spitfire-britian-found-burma-plane-120502.html

There’s also the ‘examined it, got bored with it, buried it’ story of Freeman Airfield. A bunch of stuff is still being recovered. Wasn’t just sitting out, however:

Here’s another interesting recent find in the Oregon woods: Loggers find World War II-era wreckage near Rockaway Beach - oregonlive.com

Here’s info about that crash. The plane went down in 1948 and the pilot’s body recovered. It was forgotten and then re-discovered in the 50s by loggers, and then re-forgotten. It was then re-re-discovered in 2010. :slight_smile:

Not nearby, actually. The crew (minus one who died when his parachute failed to open) headed north hoping to reach the coast, not realizing that they’d flown over four hundred miles inland. The final men made it over one hundred miles in eight days with only one canteen of water between them. One of them kept a diary of the ordeal and it’s an amazing, and sad, tale.

Hi All.
Thank you all for your replies, I have some great stuff to look at I have seen “Lady Be Good” before and its a wonderful story. there is a WW2 buried tank on the North York Moors, I think its a Comet, it sunk into a bog when they were on training excercise and it was mentioned last year in the newspaper, would be wondeful to dig it up, but it wouls take me a long time with a spade, Please keep the replies coming and if I find any, I will write them up.

Somewhere near the Nashville International Airport, a large number of WW2 aircraft are buried.
At war’s end, the peace treaty demanded downsizing, & the older models got the bulldozer treatment.

Mostly Vultee produced planes.

Two WWI French made tanks were found in Afghanistan in 2003. They were sent to the Patton Museum in Fort Knox. They were in decent condition because of the climate.