WWE..Give me a frigging break..Eugene.

Comic relief?


Waste of time?

Wasn’t this done before with Igor?

What exactly is your beef with Eugene?

I try my best to watch the WWE with respect.

I mean how can you not watch grown men act like children with respect?

Then Eugene shows up.

Is he not a child?

He’s not a child. He’s “special”.

You’re watching a glorified cartoon. It’s not supposed to make sense or be logical.

Eugene has the potential to be a great character who could be the catalyst to great storylines involving many other wrestlers. He could even be a great heel, even as a mentally handicapped character.

Unfortunately, the WWE really needs to hire some decent writers. I’m available, but I’m sure they wouldn’t hire someone with no work experience and only one semester’s worth of university credits. Despite the fact that I could create a year’s worth of decent storylines for almost every wrestler in short order.

And, if they did happen to hire me (by whatever incredible means), I’m not sure how long I’d last, seeing how I wouldn’t be shy in telling Vince McMahon or any of the wrestlers what I think of their ideas - positive or negative. I would never say their ideas “suck” or anything, but I’d be honestly frank.

That said, and despite my general opinion of WWE creative, Eugene happens to be my favorite character on Raw. My favorite character on Smackdown? Rico! (Who I was surprised to learn was older than The Undertaker.)


I’ve not seen RAW since Eugene debuted so I have no real opinion on him. The character sounds stupid and insulting (especially considering my own younger sister’s physical and mental problems) but from what I have read, he’s supposed to be a autistic savant so maybe they can salvage it by toning down his idiocy.

I doubt I’ll ever be a fan though. This is just a rehash of Evad Sullivan and I hated that character too.

Eugene is just another in a long line of mentally-challenged characters (as opposed to the mentally-challenged people who write for the characters). George “The Animal” Steele was probably the most famous. The New Zealand Sheepherders (aka The Bushwackers) were a tag team of none too bright grapplers, and before them, there were the Moondogs. Execution is key.

The guy who “plays” Eugene is Nick Densmore. Densmore is a helluva good wrestler. The plan is for Eugene to really surprise people when he wrestles.