WWI veterans

Are there any WWI veterans still alive? According to faqfarm.com the last one died in September, but I hadn’t heard this before and it just seems like it should’ve been mentioned somewhere. Or maybe it was and I failed to notice?

Here’s a list of surviving WWI veterans

Wikipedia maintains a list of living WWI veterans.

Australia’s last serving WWI vet died recently. I believe there is one surviving veteran who was in the services but never made it overseas.

Some announcer on the CBC during the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa said there are five, officially, in Canada, though there may be more that the government does not know about. The five are official because they receive war pensions.

I saw a BBC news clip last year, probably at about this time, of a British tank veteran next to a First World War tank. As well, newspapers ran a colour picture of him next to the thing, so the pic might be on the net somewhere. He would have been 106 last year if he had joined the army in 1914 at age 16. Imagine a life spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries — and knowing better than anyone that the war to end all wars was anything but.

Over the last two weeks the BBC have been showing a programme called The Last Tommy. When they started filming the programme in 2003 there were just over 20 survivors, now it it is down to four. Details Here

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are between 30 and 50 living American veterans of World War I.