WWII Mystery?

My uncle is a veteran of the US Army-he served in n Africa, Italy, and Sardinia. I was over his house, and he mentioned something that always puzzled him…I’m hoping all of you can help me with this. In 1944, he was transferred into a new Unit (the 560th Signal Battalion), and his unit was placed under the command a of a Colonel Smith. His unit was then issued WINTER gear (including fur-lined boots and winter camping gear), and told to expect transfer to Russia! He was told that his unit would support something called"Mission 16", as part of something called “Operation Diadem”. Later, the officers told him that they were not going to Russia after all-they were told to expect transfer to Linz. Austria.
He told me that in all his reading, he was never able to find out what “Mission 16” was all about…anybody have a suggestion about how to research this?

I think “Operation Diadem” was the codename for the assault on the Hitler Line in Italy (like the Gustav line but further north) in spring '44.

but my “Italian Campaigns” lecture at Uni used to be at 9 in the morning - so my memory is decidely fuzzy :slight_smile:

Unless they reused Operation names it looks like his information might be off (having served 4 years myself, I am not surprised).





Thats the one! All coming back to me now.

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I remember a large debate between us and a group of American students at the time over Matt Clarks “Left Hook”.

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From my book, copyright me:

DIADEM (Allied 44) The 1944 Allied spring ground offensive in Italy launched on 12 May, 1944 to turn the German defenses at Cassino and open up the Liri Valley. The breakthrough was achieved by Free French and Moroccan troops on the 14th. This caused the German “Gustav Line” to collapse, reducing pressure on the Anzio beachhead (SHINGLE) and allowing a breakout from that encirclement (BUFFALO) . The Germans retreated northward to the new “Gothic Line.” DIADEM was roughly coordinated with the invasion of northern France (OVERLORD) and was supported by the air attacks of Operation STRANGLE. A diadem is a primitive royal crown. Followed DICKENS. Included HASTY.