What do theses people do?

Selective babies?

From skimming the site, it looks like they’re into anything which can “improve” human health. So that wouldn’t prohibit genetically enchanced children, but they’re also into cybernetic implants and improved nutrition, which would help those of us who aren’t genetically enhanced.

Interesting site. I think I know where I’m spending my next few hours of browsing time. :cool:

Hmmm. Leads with special article from the UK’s very own Captain Cyborg . Overall credibility of site drops 3 notches…

Ehh…the lead article I see has to do with choline’s effect on the neurons of fetuses.

Are you sure you’re on the same site?

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The tote board is currently at $48,846.28, folks!

Well, when I said “leads” I meant; “has on the front page”.

It a mix of speculation, optimism and science. The science is in the form of articles that may or may not be taken out of context or blown out of proportion due to overzelous optimism. Every news article I have seen links to the actual journal of science that published the study. (links to the abstract, to acess the full study, one must subscribe, which can cost hundreds of dollars per journal)

Much of the optimism is in opinion type of articles on what -such and such technology- might bring us, how our social structure may change, articles on lifestyles of immortals and the like. It is fluff really. There to make you feel good and perhaps ellict some thought and speculation of your own. All to be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, I read it daily, and have read many of the articles, have it bookmarked and even joined the transhumanist site they are a part of.