www.fightthesmears.com is down


I am writing an email and want to include a link to www.fightthesmears.com, but it keeps timing out.

Anyone else having troubles with it?

Or able to access it?

It popped right up for me. And it doesn’t appear to be vandalized at first glance, FWIW.

It worked for me.

Yeah its back. Probably my connection.

This website might be helpful in such cases:

That link doesn’t work for me.

Is that ironic or am I being wooshed??

To my surprise that link goes to a useful website. It’s just you, I guess.

Now, now, Derleth, be nice to the new members. And Dewey, remember the golden and guiding rules…

That really is a useful site and not a joke. You enter the URL of the site you can’t seem to reach, and click the “or just me?” link. It then runs some sort of check to see if that server is indeed up. If it is, and you can’t reach it, then the problem lies on your end (i.e. somewhere between your computer and the working server you’re trying to reach).

Allow me to amend my quote (I can change my own, right?):