i was taught that the web was the result of the networking of computers at universtiy hospitals and cwru in cleveland, ohio. have i been lied to? or is someone now trying to take credit for something that isn’t theirs? i’d like the answer truthfully, wholly, and undeceitfully given, no bullshit. thanks, and have a nice day.
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What you’ve been told is wrong. It’s likely some people in Clevland pretending to be bigger than they are.

I can’t recall all the specifics, and the governmental departments who contributed (too many initials). It was however a series of universities, but not specifically hospitals (they may or may not have been involved at all, instinct makes me doubt it).

I’m tempted to do some web searching to get my facts straight, but I’m lazy, and your lazy ass should have tried that before you came here. I’m sure some of the computer nuts here would jump in and correct my efforts, and/or give a 10x more thourogh answer, so I figure why bother?

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A couple months back the original papers that started the Internet were found & was highly published. So it should be easy to find on the net.

Al Gore invented the World Wide Web. It was later in the afternoon of the same day he invented the internet.

The Internet (which is not the web) grew out of ARPAnet which was as US Defense Department project.

The World Wide Web was developed at CERN - The European Particle Physics Laboratory. See:


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Case Western Reserve Univ (CWRU) and University Hospitals created the first FREENET system. That may be what they were referring to.

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