X-Box 360 games for a nine-year old girl?

My neice is being given an X-Box 360 for Christmas and I intend to buy her some games for it.

Any recommendations?


Really depends on what she’s into and what her parents will tolerate.

If she likes music, one of the Rock Band or SingStar type games. Note that Rock Band needs microphone and/or guitars and/or keyboard and/or drums. SingStar needs microphone. Both can be bought with or without those accessories.

If she likes strategy board games, Civilization Revolution is a nice light strategy game. A lot of kids like Minecraft too.

Lego Lord of the Rings? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t really go wrong with the LEGO games for kids, and the LotR one was really quite well done. If she has a different favorite franchise, I guess you could go that way instead.

Does she have any previous video game experience? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys, I don’t know how much gaming experience she has but the family does have a Wii and she plays with one of those portable consoles (not sure which one).

I don’t want to get anything too obviously childish as she’s 9 going on 19 (she thinks). Her interests change regularly so not sure what she’s particularly interested in at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestions!

If you go the LEGO route: get the second edition of the Star Wars games (all 6 movies in one) and the first version of the Indiana Jones (without the 4th movie). Harry Potter was kind of tedious, and so was Batman. I haven’t tried LOTR, but I’ve heard from several people that it’s good. They’re the first video games I ever bought for myself, at age 30, and I find them very replayable and a fun movie tie-in.

I’ve played Lego Star Wars and found it eh. Similarly the Indy Jones one was fun for a bit, but neither of them hold a candle to the LotR one, which was really a serious step up in scope.

I didn’t really care about most of the LEGO games. I bought Lego LotR, and it’s not because it’s Lord of the Rings.

Edit: Er, anyway, debates about LEGO games aside, there are also lots of good ‘small’ games available digitally on Xbox Live Arcade, but those are hard to gift, and I’m not sure giving a 9 year old a $10 gift card is going to be effective.

Get her a Kinect to go with it, and games like “Just Dance” (and the many sequels) will probably be right up a 9 yr old girl’s alley.

Minecraft. Terraria.

My recommendations are complicated by the fact that you have to buy them from the XBox marketplace. They don’t just come on disc, or at least the versions optimized for the 360 don’t. So, in order to surprise the kid with them, you’d need to have already opened up an account and purchased the games through that account.

Costume Quest is available for the XBox. It’s kind of like My First JRPG. You have a party of three heroes who have powers based on the halloween costumes they wear, and collectible cards they trade. It manages to be kid friendly without being twee, and frankly quite appealing to adults who enjoy what they call ‘offbeat’ humor. If you have an XBox 360 yourself, you can download a demo and see how you feel about it. Meanwhile, here’s a trailer. It’s $14.99, and there’s a DLC pack for $4.99. Be advised that there is one achievement you can only get if you play the game on Christmas Day.

Speaking of Double Fine Productions, they also made Psychonauts, which is a cute-but-trippy platformer about a kid at a summer camp for psychics who has to solve a mystery by journeying through other people’s disordered minds. No demo is available from the XBox marketplace, but check out the trailer.

Another high-quality kid-friendly game is Beyond Good & Evil. The widescreen version is available from the XBox marketplace. If you buy it on disc, you’ll get the old XBox version. It features a bit of action-based combat, but usually not too difficult, some puzzle solving and some stealth. It is by no means beyond good and evil; the morality couldn’t be any plainer – you’re trying to save orphans from being assimilated by alien conquerers. It’s one of the rare games that features a strong but not overly sexualized female protagonist. And a trailer is available, of course.

My kid (7) likes Rayman Origins. I think the newer one is called Rayman Legends.
The newest Lego incarnation is the Lego Marvel Superheroes that came out a couple months ago. Got it for him for Christmas so I haven’t played it but it looks great.
The Just Dance games are really popular with kids but they do need the Kinect peripheral. The latest being Just Dance 2014.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

The new Lego Marvel Super Heroes is terrific, by far the best of those I’ve played.