X-Files 4/28 (and spoilers)

Not a bad episode tonight. There was just enough of an air of ambiguity about our scarred friend that you were never quite sure that it wasn’t Mulder. The most annoying part, I thought, was how often they left him alone in Scully’s house…with the baby unguarded! Given Scully’s history of people going after the baby, I’m amazed that she wouldn’t have William with her at all times.

It really does feel like they’re wrapping up the show now. First the LG die, and now William’s been given the boot. (My friends and I are debating whether he’ll be reunited with his parents in the final episode, but there was such a finality about the ending.)

What are we down to now, 3 episodes?

They kill off my beloved Lone Gunmen and resurrect that rotten little two-by-four up his ass weenie? Smirking putrid weaselly scumball SPENDER?!?

It’s vexing.

I’m terribly vexed.

[sub]They could have at least made him Krycheck…[/sub]


I already asked once for a :yawn: smilie tonight, can the need be more acute?

Scully gives up William??? WTF??? WTF sort of mother gives up her child??? She’d better get that kid back or I swear, given the look in her eyes, my wife is going to have a HUGE bonfire with her complete 9 year VHS collection of X-files episodes.

We just had a child, Sophia, who is the light of our lives - every second with her is a blessing and a joy. Laura has already voted A.I. as the worst movie ever because of the scene where the woman leaves her “son,” and she claims that the only reason she still watches the X-Files is because she’s grown attached to William. But if they actually write William out of the show by having Scully give him up… I don’t know. That will just hurt my wife in a way that I wouldn’t expect the X-Files to do, and it will be the most possibly sucky way for this particular series to end. I know my wife and she’ll feel as if the writers of the show betrayed her somehow. :frowning:

I think she’ll get William back, and that the couple who has him now isn’t going to live through the finale…If I was the spoilers reading type I’m sure I could find out, but I prefer merely speculating.

Gave William up? I thought the couple in Wyoming just adopted a clone or something.

Oh yeah, they did have identical bunny-ear hats…

I was hoping it’d be Krycek too. He was my favorite villain.

As significant as William is, and considering who his parents are, it can’t be the last we’ve seen of him. Mulder’ll be in the finale, and unless something horrible happens, so will Scully. You can’t reunite 2/3 of a family. Not in the series finale.

They better not.

So are we all working under the assumption that the series finale will really be the end? That there won’t, in other words, be movie follow-ups?

So are we all working under the assumption that the series finale will really be the end? That there won’t, in other words, be movie follow-ups?

I’m having trouble watching the X-Files recently because I keep getting distracted by a) How totally stupid the characters are. and b) How little sense any of the plots make.

Cites for point a. Creepy scarred guy of unknown alliance and proven lack of veracity attempts to steal files. What do you do? Take CSG to your apartment containing your child and files and repeatedly fail to watch him. Also, when arresting CSG, fail to search him for bulky pack of syringes.

Cites for point b. Well, really, the whole current plot line.
Finally, it irritates me to no end that no one on the X-Files will ever just say anything over the phone. Scully is always calling Mulder up on the phone and saying “You better come over and have a look at this. No, I can’t explain it.”. I don’t even know why these idiots even have cell phones. It’s gratingly obvious that it’s a lame way to build suspense.