X live - Seen them lately? Are they any good?

Has anyone seen the band X (American one, not the Japanese one) play live lately in the past few years? How was it?

I am having to choose between seeing them and another band (Ted Leo and the Pharmacists) that I really like in a few weeks, and I can’t decide if it would be worth it to see them. I mean, it’s X so that should be amazing - if it were 1980. I’m not sure how it would be in 2009. All the original members are playing, but it’s significantly more expensive than the other concert, and I don’t want to waste money on a bad show.

To counterpoint that, I did get to see the current incarnation of the Buzzcocks a couple of years ago, and they definitely proved that even aging punk rockers can still put on a good show. The show was actually pretty neat because there were a lot of original fans there along with the younger kids, and talking with them about seeing the band in their heyday was cool. What do you think?

They played here last year. I was very sick and missed it, but everyone I know who went (a dozen or so) had a total blast and said they were blown away. I was so pissed I missed it.

I saw John Doe and the Sadies play a small club here in Cambridge last week, but Doe came on stage with the very explicit warning “this is not an X show… if you came here to see X, you will be disappointed” (and I’m sure that if anyone came there to just to see X songs they would have been disappointed indeed, unless they were also fans of straight-up classic country!). So while I can’t comment on X of recent years, I can tell you that Doe himself is a pretty solid performer and that he definitely seems to still enjoy playing live.