X-Men: Apocalypse speculation, with X-Men DOFP spoilers

Something just occurred to me, and I wanted to see if the SDMB can show me the error of my ways: we all saw how DAYS OF FUTURE PAST ended, right? If not, that’s why I put the bit up there in the title about spoilers, and so now figure it’s safe to mention 'em; so, yeah, turn back now or be spoiled for the movie from two years back.


So that one ended with Logan finding out he’s a history teacher, right? At the school that’s of course still up and running, sure as Charles and Hank and Ororo and Scott and Jean all seem calm and upbeat and optimistic and et cetera?

So is this whole thing with Apocalypse just, like, a mere prequel to that ending?

Such that Charles and Hank and Ororo and Scott and Jean – and, well, Logan, too, if it comes to that – are all surely going to live through whatever Apocalypse is up to? And that “whatever Apocalypse is up to” of course won’t end civilization or anything, because the not-too-distant future will be home to well-dressed and well-groomed people who don’t seem to have a care in the world but do own some damn fine appliances?

No, it is not a prequel. Remember the whole idea of DOFP was to reboot the timeline. By things happening the way they did, yes the school is up and running, but I’m sure there have been changes. That is why Xavier, who knows of what happened, tells Wolverine he has to update him on stuff.

It is a sequel to how Wolverine woke up. At least, that is my take from the trailers and the way DOFP ended.

Chronologically it’s a prequel to the world Wolverine woke up to at the end.

Yes, “Apocalypse” takes place in the 1980s, before Wolverine wakes up at the end of DOFP in the new timeline. So it’s safe to assume that Xavier/Cyclops/Jean/Storm/Beast will all survive (I don’t think Wolverine is in the movie) and that the good guys stop Apocalypse.

For the other characters:

Won’t be surprised at all if Mystique dies, as Lawrence never liked the role (and to be honest I thought she was a terrible fit anyways) and she’s said it’ll be her last X-Men movie. Not sure how Fassbender or McAvoy feel about their roles, but apparently they signed three-movie deals so they’d still have one left.

In fairness,

has there ever been a role that’s easier to recast?

Uh . . . isn’t this upcoming movie

their third go-round in character, just like JLaw’s? They all did the '60s mutant thing in FIRST CLASS, and the '70s thing in FUTURE PAST, and now the '80s thing here?

Presumably. Though I think in the comics Apocalypse had some time-travel related abilities, so presumably the writers could handwave any changes from the end of DoFP with his further mucking around with the timeline.

Or they could just not bother. I really like most of the films, but they do occasionally take a pretty devil-may-care attitude to continuity (most notably, Xavier magically getting his body back). So if the writers decide they really want to kill off, say, Beast, I wouldn’t be super surprised if they just ignore the fact that he was seen at the end of DoFP.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about First Class, durr.