X11 Prefixes (phones)

I am trying to find out what X11 numbers are in use.

I know in Chicago 311 is Non Emergency Fire, Police and City Services.

411 is Info
611 USED to be repair
911 emergency

Are 211,511,711,811 in use. If so what for.

And is 311 used for anything else anywhere else.

And are there any other 3 digit numbers that work like phone number (example the prefixes are three numbers but will ring thru like phone numbers)

211, at least here in Atlanta, is the number you call to if you want to find an organization to donate time or money to, or if you need help from one of these organizations.

Dial/touch 511 and a voice tells you the number of the line you are using.
At least where I am.

I think that these vary in different locations. In Canada, at least, 911 is emergency, of course, 711 is Relay Services (the people that relay your message to a text device for the deaf (TTY/TDD)*, and so on), 611 is <insert phone company name> Customer Service (not mandatory), 411 is Directory Assistance, and 011 is Internationa Access Code. I think there’s a proposal to implement 311 as a Social Services Access Code, but I don’t know if or when.

I’m not sure whether any of 211, 311, 511, 611, 811 are officially assigned in Canada.

Hmm… I was sure that one of http://www.areacode-info.com/ or http://www.lincmad.com/ would have an explicit list of the X11 codes only, but this seems not to be true.

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N11 codes are used to provide three digit special access services. In the US, the FCC administers N11 codes & recognizes only 211, 311, 511 & 711 as nationally assigned. Other codes have traditional uses, but whether or not your local telco uses them is up to your local telco:

211: Community information & referral service

311: Non-emergency police & other governmental services

411: Local directory assistance

511: Traffic & transportation information

611: Repair service

711: Telecommunications Relay Service

811: Business office & auto number feedback

911: Emergency

As I said, not all of them work nation wide because of the mom & pop telcos who don’t want the ILECs dictating service codes in their footprint.

Does 811 work for everybody as the “what number am I calling from” code? It does in the Northeast.

Hmm… upstate NY? Then I stand corrected. 811 works as auto number feedback in the Potomac region.

In Chicago 811 gives me IL Bell Business office. 311 is Non Emergency Police Fire and City, 411 is Info and that is all.

611 used to be Repair but they changed it. I wonder why?

Isn’t 999 the British equal to 911?