X2 (X-Men movie)—Secret Service Tactics?

Just a quick question, that I don’t think I’ve asked before, but I’ve always wondered about.

The first few minutes of the movie X2: X-Men United
Er, SPOILERS ahead!

…During the attack on the White House, it looks like the Secret Service actually had a pair of agents picking the President up, and carrying him between them. However, there was a crowd of people in the room at the time, so the audience’s view is pretty cluttered, but that’s what it looked like. (I might be able to to find a screencap, if that’d help)

I was just wondering if this is some actual bodyguard technique that I’m not familiar with, if they were doing something else that just got filmed badly, or they made it up for the film because it looked cool, or what.

So…can anyone help me out?

Nope. Bodyguards will do something like that if necessary. Witness what happened to Ron reagan when he was shot…the SS literally threw him into the limo.