Xbox original question

My laptop went pffftt in the night and I have to rely on the iPhone for net access till I get word on if the mobo is gone, an acer 5100 and the keyboard and USB mouse I’d unresponsive.

But for the moment I need net access and money is too tight at the moment for a new laptop.

What I was thinking of doing was pulling the hard drive out of the xbox original and putting a larger hard drive in, as it’s not going to be used for live, I have the 360 for that, will a standard Linux distro install with no mods?


I toyed around with the idea of doing that when I had one but never got around to it. I can’t really answer your question but there are a lot of articles that tell you how to do it.

No, a standard Linux distro will not install with no mods.

Thanks for the replies and info


I am not the dude that is doing this in Dallas, I just have seen the ad on Craigslist before. I am not advertising for the service, I just posted it here for info.

I don’t want to get in trouble.

That thing sounds pretty sweet. Would be a nice item. I wonder how well those emulators work with the XBox controller and all.

They work great. Fantastic, even. I can’t recommend it highly enough, but it’s definitely not legal, and it won’t run on an Xbox that you buy off the shelf without some tweaking.

One day when I have money to burn this might be something to try.

The money investment is not large. Maybe $50 total.