XBOX Recall (power cord, older models)

Microsoft announced an Xbox power cord recall for some older machines.

I’ve got to get mine replaced.

(I did a search, but I didn’t see anything on this…)

I do not want to pay to ship my Xbox off to have it fixed. Damnit. Now I have to go to the Xbox site and see what the heck is going on.

They just send you a new power cord, it’s not a recall for the whole xbox, just the power cord.
BBC link says - Consumers can order a new cable from the Xbox website or by telephoning 0800 028 9276 in the UK.

Fear not, as Tuco says they just send you a new cord in the mail.

I like this part of the message:

Uh, right. Before I read this, my habit was just to leave the thing on all the time :dubious:

I assume that the XBox, like the PS2, goes into a “standby mode” when you turn the power off. It’s off, but it’s still drawing some current. I think they mean to throw a second switch to completely kill the draw or to unplug it completely.

I used to leave mine on if I was just going to do something else for an hour and then come back to the game.

I rarely play the Xbox now that I’ve got Warcraft, but I still gotta replace the cord.

Ah good, thank you. I figured that they’d want proof that you owned an xbox instead of just sending you a new cord, but, rock!

(In other news, I have a bad habit of leaving my Xbox on for long periods of time. Now I need to go home and make sure my apartment isn’t on fire.)

I realize I sounded pretty snarky about leaving the Xbox on, sorry about that. I’m just a total freak when it comes to my electricity bills. Not everyone has the ill fortune to live in my world. :smiley:

I also forgot to say, thanks for the heads-up, FilmGeek. I’m sure I need to replace my cord too!