Xbox versus Wii versus other options

We’re discussing investing in a gaming system. Kid1 (teen girl) wants Wii, on the grounds that it’s move movement oriented. Kid2 (11 year old boy) wants xbox for the fighting games.

Advice, suggestions, comparisons?

Buy an Xbox and a Kinect. Done.

It should be noted that the Kinect will cost you an extra $150 or so.

There are plenty of fighting games available for the Wii, you’ve got your Street Fighters, wrestling games, Tournament of Legends, the Super Smash games, some older titles like Samurai Shodown and others are available to download from WiiWare.

OTOH, the selection is much better on Xbox, and the graphics and overall aesthetics will be much greater, not to mention it outputs in HD which the Wii does not.

Additionally, there are no new games coming to the Wii. Nintendo has announced a new console called Wii U for 2012. Most of their production is going towards games with that system. You could find a Wii for pretty cheap in half a year and make both happy.

Then of course there’s the PS3, which can be had for a comparable price to an Xbox 360, with a wide selection of excellent games, equal if not superior graphics, and their Move motion controller is only an extra $25-30, which will provide a much more Wii-like experience than the Kinect.

However, the PS3 Move also requires an Eye Camera, which tacks on another $40.

How good is the kinect?

It’s a little strange at first. It’s not as precise as a Wii or PS3 Move controller and you need to have a decent amount of free space in front of your TV in which to move around.

There’s a decent number and variety of games that support it, some more successful than others of course.

Here’s a review from Engadget that covers all of the relevant bases.

Thanks, DCnDC

The problem is that I’m diving into the deep end of the pool here. I don’t have a gaming system now, so I’m not just upgrading, I’m buying in.

Hell, we would [thread=632060]even have to buy a TV [/thread]to make this an option.

Wii is a mega dud. Your kids will be very disappointed with it and lose interest very quickly (particularly your boy). Xbox is the way to go. All of my kids (5,7 and 12) all play it all the time.

Wii is only “good” for people from the NES era who want to see the same characters and stories over and over in the name of nostalgia.


I’d personally recommend a PS3 or 360, but these statements about the Wii are just wrong. Some of the best moments I’ve had in gaming this generation came from the Wii, and it had absolutely nothing to do with “nostalgia”.

Attack, I’m going to be a bit stereotypical, but I’d go with what your son wants. Teen girls aren’t big gamers for the most part, and if she’s basing her desire for a Wii just based on the movement thing, she’s going to be disappointed. The other consoles have just as much to offer when it comes to movement, and offer far more for your son if he’s looking for fighting games. My first inclination would be to a PS3, but since your son wants a 360, I’m guessing that’s what his friends have - and that should be the #1 deciding factor.

Did any of these moments involve characters other than Mario, Zelda or Metroid? Didn’t think so.

Good games are good. If you’d like to argue against that concept, please feel free.

Don’t they have Mariokart* on Xbox?

  • the second best game I’ve ever played**

**after Portal

No, Mario Kart is a Mario IP, which is owned by Nintendo and will therefore never be on any other console. They do, however, have reasonable analogs in the form of Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing (I know, sounds crap, but honestly the game is quite good) and Blur, which is basically a “realistic” mario kart clone in that it uses real, licensed cars and the graphics are very realistic, rather than cartoony. Ps3 also has Mod Nation Racers which is excellent, but the load times are a bit crap (still, you can download custom tracks, cars, and characters from other users online, so it’s worth it).


Now your entire premise is mitigated.

I have a Wii (and a PS3), and I’ve never played any Nintendo games outside of the arcade before buying it. I still don’t own any Mario or Zelda titles, and the only Metroid one we own is my husband’s.

That being said, Nintendo has already announced a new platform to replace the Wii but are being very vague about it, and there are serious doubts in the console reviewing community that they will be able to compete.

I have to agree with those who are recommending XBox + Kinect. The Kinect system is getting some good press lately, especially for various dance and sports games.

I am greatly disappointed in my wii, and very happy with my xbox 360, for whatever that’s worth. I haven’t played a wii game in a year or more.

I disagree with this. They’re not being very vague. The Wii U (Nintendo’s new console) will be slightly more powerful than the xbox 360, and was made so that games can be easily ported to it from the Xbox 360. The problem comes from the fact that the current rumor has the next Xbox coming out at the end of 2012, meaning that not only is the Wii U created to basically compete with a 6 year old console, but it’s created to compete with a 6 year old console that it’ll only have an advantage over for less than a year before it’s as out classed (in graphics and CPU horsepower) as the Wii is now

You’re inferring a lot from a system whose specs are barely known. And if Microsoft and especially Sony learned anything this generation, it’s that losing money on expensive hardware isn’t necessarily the best business model.