XFL & NBC (not quite a pit thread)

Dear NBC,

You suck. Show a damn Orlando game already. The Rage was the underdog for their first game and they won. They beat the SF Demons in their second game by a score that was close, but not overwhelming. I can understand the entire country not seeing the Orlando games, but I live in Tampa. I would think my local NBC carrier would show it, right?

On the plus side I do like your overhead, middle of the field camera. It makes you feel like your more “in the game” (maybe it’s the years and years of football video games that makes it that way, anyone think that could be why?)

I’m still waiting on the overhead, middle of the breasts camera and Cheerleader Crotch Cam.

That’s exactly the reason I like that camera angle! It’s the same one most football video games use. It allows you to see the plays develop.

Take the classic NFL sideline-line-of-scrimmage cam. When the ball’s snapped, the receivers run right off the screen and disappear for the play, unless the QB throws to them, then they magically appear out of nowhere to catch the ball!

The behind-the-QB cam shows you what the QB sees. It lets you watch the play develop, and see exactly “why the hell he threw it to that guy?!?” I think people are just acclimated to the old style cameras and anything new and different is crap. C’mon folks, it’s the 21st century now…get used to things changing…

Now, I do have a gripe about the announcing. NBC’s got some real problems now, if they hadn’t before. In the first game of the season, we had “The Guv” and Matt Vasgersian playcalling. Now, I understand Mr. McMahon has to have his wrestling guys in there, and Vasgersian is an excellent caster. He knows his football. So that match-up isn’t so bad to swallow.

But this Saturday night they had “The Guv” and “J.R.” Jim Ross. C’mon now! Are you trying to alienate the entire group of people who watch XFL for the football? All these idiots did all game was state the obvious.

“Ohhh that was a great run!”

“Wow, he layed the smack down on that guy!”

“He just threw it into the endzone and the guy caught it!”

Ok, I’m watching the game, guys. I saw what happened. I want a real analyst to tell me how and why. I want someone who knows at least something about football to tell me stuff that I don’t know! What they did is great for radio, but not TV. I have to admit I was slightly impressed with “J.R.”…at least he can read the teleprompter well…

Oh…and Brian Bosworth needs to take a giant freaking leap of a tall freaking bridge.

I can’t stand the guy…

I have a feeling that the XFL will go the same way as the WLAF, e.g.: make a deal with the NFL and become another minor league.