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I told my boss that I need a new “metric” pH meter for the lab, because we’re working on a project for an international (non-US) customer. She said that if I wrote the request, she’d sign it.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how many letters you put behind a person’s name.

That’s just mean.

Keep up the good work.


New strip: Wrong Times Table

I’m surprised that table is symetric.

Of course 7*6 = 42; what else could it possibly be?

He’s right about 56, though. What kind of math problem is 8*7, anyway?

I thought[li] 42 was seven times nine. [/li] It wasn’t a very Deep Thought.


Hang on, a teaspoon is about 5 ml, so 5 cc, and its raison d’etre is measuring sugar into tea.

Yes, and that makes a barn-megaparsec a reasonable unit for tea sugar, like I said. But Quercus suggested instead using a barn-gigaparsec, which is wholly unreasonably unless it’s that sickly Southern stuff that needs that much sugar to mask how bad it tastes.

Do I not understand math? By my calculations, 3cc would be a cube 1.44cm on a side (a little more than .56 inches). That seems a bit large for a standard sugar cube, but some people prefer two anyway.

Okay, nm


Does this have anything to do with people becoming crabbier as they get older?

Well, sure, 76=42 looks fine, but he was talking about 67=42.

Totally different.

That’s what I meant by being surprised that table was symetric.

New strip: Eventual Consistency

Seems to be channeling Dilbert’s Wally.

The math checks out for today’s. It’s kind of weird to think about though.

Hair Growth Rate

I thought this was going to be about people not being able to get haircuts because of the lockdown. I haven’t had one since January. The barbershops opened up about a week ago here, but I figure they’re swamped so am waiting a bit longer.


Sort of reminds me of the various iterations of the XKCDphone.

Dynamic Entropy

I think that means that anything that moves goes to hell in a handbasket.

I figured it’d be the result of dynamical friction (which is a real thing in astronomy).

They’re called small children.