­xkcd thread

It appears there’s a LOT going on with this.

According to explain xkcd, by inputting the right Morse code you will get all kinds of complex responses.

(Some people have a lot more patience than I do.)

Okay, now that’s a good April Fool’s prank, forcing you to learn Morse code to get anywhere in this program.

That was an awful pun in the title text.

I chortled

Not getting the title-text reference.

It’s a lot easier to read here. At the time I’m posting, the image at the website is mega-large. No doubt it’ll be fixed.

The JWST has a cryocooler to keep things at the right temperature. The Cold Stone Creamery also uses flat chilled surfaces to prepare ice cream. Using the telescope mirror to prepare ice cream is a Bad Idea™.

Cold Stone Creamery is an ice cream shop where you can get a variety of ingredients mixed in to your ice cream. They do this mixing in front of you, on a chilled stone slab countertop, the “cold stone” in the name. A large mirror undergoing cryogenic tests would also be a cold slab, and could be used for similar mixing of ice cream: This would probably work very well for the ice cream, but perhaps not so well for the mirror.

But what if you like ice cream and astronomy?

Not exactly ice cream, but this was around is probably less destructive to science:

If that’s not good enough for you, then this would make a better bowl for your ice cream, and it would probably be less damaging to the hardware to use it in that fashion.

I wonder if that’s why they named it … wait for it … The Milky Way? :wink:

I’ll second the motion.

While I also endorse this policy, may I humbly suggest we finish the eradication of polio first? That fucker has it coming.

This just might manage to be the basis of a bipartisan policy.

This is one of the feeblest xkcds I’ve ever seen.

I found it quite punny.

Looks like person #3 went to a movie before their time.

Person 3 got their 2nd dose twice. That’s pretty hard to do.

Person 3 is a vewy spwecial pwecious snowfwake. She demanded the second dose up front and wanted a third dose the second time, but only the first place caved to her demands.

I can’t quite make out her nametag, but it looks like it probably starts with a “K”. :wink: