XP Home, Novell Netware: Getting rid of Windows Login. Also Ghosting.

I work part time at a high school. We just got 15 laptops with Windows XP Home Edition. They will reside in a mobile cart. The cart is equipped with a wireless access point, hub, and printer. The wireless transmitter is plugged into the wall jack of wichever room the cart happens to be in, so the students can use the internet, and save their work on a Netware 3.2 server.

Here is the problem. Many different people will be using these computers. Many of them will be using thier own Netware login. XP seems to want there to be a seperate XP account for each Netware account.

We basically want to kill the XP login. We want all the users to have the exact same settings and everything no matter what netware account they log in with. After you log in to netware, the windows login comes up. On the windows login box, there is a check box that will change the Windows password to the netware password for that user. This will lock out whoever uses the computer next. We want it to go away. Is this possible?

We would also like to be able to Ghost these mofos to save time. Will The newest version of ghost clone XP machines? Will it screw up if all the machines have the same activation code crap? Is there a way to install all the desired software in a pre-activated state, the clone, then activate?

Here’s some things to try. I don’t know anything about netware but these XP tweaks might help:

Remove login password

Get rid of welcome screen with autologon

Also, with your default account logged in, go to Control Panel - Display - Screen Saver and un-check “Show welcom screen on resume” (or something similar - i don’t have it handy)

Thanks. That second link looks like it might help.