XP Question

I don’t know when or how they came to be there but in my taskbar there are dividers. They consist of 7 staggered dots dividing the task bar vertically. The problem I am having with them is that I can’t get rid of them and everytime I open a folder or file I have duplicates in the taskbar. Any ideas on how to get rid of them?? If you need any clarification on anything, let me know. Thanks in advance!

Right click on the taskbar and hit the “Lock the Taskbar.” That should do it. Those dots mean that your taskbar is unlocked and you can adjust it so more or less quick launch icons are showing.

Even when it’s locked there is still one set that is always there. I even restarted and I still have 2 sets of everything showing on the taskbar as well a blank space that nothing will show up in. I posted a quick screen capture at the following link.

Click here

Any other suggestions?

That’s kinda strange looking. Seems like some sort of a glitch. What happens if you slide the thing all the way to the right?

I have the don’t like XP “neon” graphic so I have everything set as classic windows.I went and swiched everying to look like the scrteen shot you posted, and I was able to duplicate your dots. It seems like they divide the quick launch buttons from the rest of the taskbar. I was able to slide they back and forth and pretty much place them all they way to the left without a problem,however when I locked the taskbar they did disapear. I agree with Joey try sliding them around and see what happens.

Right click on the task bar and check what options are available under the “Toolbar” menu. You should only have “Quick Launch” there. The divider is likely one between two toolbars (Such as the active windows and Quick Launch) that are active. This can happen if you drag a folder onto the taskbar accidentally.

XP also has a Restore feature if you want to restore to a previous working taskbar.