Y2k celebration

Forgive me if there has already been a thread on this topic, but I have not seen on and it is worth repeating. I have no plans yet for New Years Eve. I am thinking about bowling. I bowl at most once every couple of years, but in 1994, my boyfriend (at the time) and I got all dressed up to go to a NYE party to be with the beautiful people.

Well, before we even left the house, we got into a fight and neither of us felt like partying like it was 1995. We watched TV for a while and a comercial came on for bowling. “Aha!” We exclaimed. The “anti-new years.” We quickly located lanes that would be open till midnight and off we wnt with an open bottle of Dom in the car. Once we got there, the bottle of Dom was empty, the lanes were half empty, the drinks were cheap, and the bowling shoes complemented our evening wear to a T. We “bowled in” the new year with style: not with the “in crowd” but by far the most chic and hippest in the place. Not your everyday new years but by far the most fun. I have had other great new years, but never on so memorable.

My questions are:

  1. what do you think about my anti-new years,

2, what is your favorite new years memory, and

  1. what are you doing for Y2K anyway? (just looking for ideas).

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I made a posting about #3, and was scolded and told this topic was already posted. However, I haven’t seen it. Seems like it should be one of the hottest topics the next 2 1/2 months! Very strange that it isn’t.

Here’s the links to the last two threads about New Year’s Eve plans. Nothing really earthshaking in them.

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