Ya know, the only thing remotely bat-like about Batman is the cave.

The commercial for Daredevil got me thinking; Batman should have been blind and had sonar. Then I realized that Batman wasn’t even remotely bat-like save the fact that his hideout was a cave. No hanging upside down, no coming out only at night. Nothing! Batman really blows.

For the most part, Batman does only come out at night. Just as with real bats, there are exceptions. Batman, unlike DD, is a normal human, albeit with cool toys and exceptional training.

The Bat motif is an attempt to scare the Bejeezus out of criminals, “a superstitious and cowardly lot”, and it works quite well for him.

Batman rules.
And bats can see.

I’ll put it to you that Robin isn’t very robin-like. Shouldn’t he be out fighting crime during the day, since robins aren’t night creatures? And why is he Batman’s little helper? If bats are mammals, shouldn’t his helper be Flying Squirrel Boy or Vole Man?

It’s the cape. It’s all about the cape. Seriously, some of the freakier appearances of Batman are when it’s done from the criminal’s point of view. This usually ends up being a sillouetted figure with pointed ears, eyes with no pupils, and the outline of very…large…wings.

We all have our complaints about the first Batman movie, but you gotta love the criminal being hauled away on the stretcher: “It was a bat…a giant bat…”

You do know that bats aren’t blind, right?

Yea but I liked blindness for dramatic effect and to emphasize the sonar.

Batman decided to be a superhero, so it’s probably not his fault he’s blind and sonarless.

It should be noted that Hal Seeger’s Batman parody Batfink did have sonar-a supersonic sonar radar, to be exact (as well as wings like a shield of steel).

Did it ever bug you that batman couldn’t fly? the cape always made it seem like he ought to be able to fly, or at least glide.

Hey, you know, Spider-Man should have webbing coming out of his butt!

And Iron Man should be able to press clothes with his steam heat powers!

And why is he called Plasic Man? Plastic doesn’t stretch, rubber does!

Or in other words, there’s such a thing as attempting to interpret things abit too literally. Batman is awesome just as he is.

You have heard of the Batwing? And the Batcopter? :smiley:

Yeah, it’s always been a little odd that just about the only member of the Justice League that can’t fly is the guy dressed like a flying mammal. You’d think that at some point he would have upgraded to an antigravity belt, or something.

If Batman were blind with sonar powers, it would probably adversely affect the whole secret identity thing, insofar as people tend to assume that bats are blind and would therefore immediately suspect blind playboy Bruce Wayne. This is probably the reason Matt Murdoch called himself “Daredevil, the Man Without Fear,” instead of “Blindfighter, the Man Without Sight.”

And while we’re at it, Daredevil isn’t very daemonic, is he?

Does he fight against God for the throne of heaven?
Does he tempt souls away from the path of righteousness so that he may torment them forever in a firery underworld?

Well, there you go then.

Ah, but Daredevil is not supposed to resemble the Devil, merely a devil.

Specifically, Hot Stuff, the Good Li’l Devil.

Look, it’s perfectly obvious: Hot Stuff teamed up with Casper the Friendly Ghost; Daredevil teamed up with Ghost Rider.

Plus, the costumes are pretty identical, other than the diaper.

What more do you want, man?

—Yeah, it’s always been a little odd that just about the only member of the Justice League that can’t fly—

Oh whatever: they make up some damn crap whenever they need someone to fly. Hell, even the Flash gets to fly sometimes for no particular reason.

Of course, that’s not as funny as on the superfriends cartoon when they re-use the “everyone flying out of the hall of justice” animation stills… which often ends up showing some heroes flying out on a mission to save themselves (saving captured superfriends is what the superfriends spend about half of their time doing).

Batlike or not, he kicked Superman’s ass once, and isn’t that all that really counts?

You are familiar with this, I take it?


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Kinda funny actually, because I recently started a thread concerning a different Seanbaby page on the Super Friends recently.

It seems like you could build some kind of collapsible glider thingy into that cape without too much difficulty. Don’t ya think?

Batman Beyond has that rocket boot and glider wing getup. It comes closer to flying than Brucie ever did.

He had that in Batman Returns but I don’t remember ever seeing it again.