Or as Davebear put it – Oh my freaking god!

Kaio, terminally single of the can’t-even-remember-sex variety, has just been mowed down by a big Mack truck of smittenness.

(Okay, actually it was 8 days ago, but we really haven’t come up for air long enough for me to say anything before now.)

Life is gooooooooooood…

¿Detalles, por favor?

(Details, please?)


Whelp, okay. I’ll try to compress some of the backstory here…

On my birthday (mid-June) I’d invited a number of people to go out for dinner and margaritas with me. As it turned out, only one was able to make it, and she showed up collared, which I’d had no idea she’d even had a passing interest in, so we got to talking about kink etc. (I’m sure the margaritas helped too…) She ended up inviting me to this weekly social get-together she goes to, I say sure, so a couple weeks later she picks me up and takes me to this little coffee shop. I figure that I’ll at least meet some folk and get to network, and that I may even have a better chance of perhaps finding myself a like-oriented girl than in the general population (and this later becomes known as The Great Irony…).

It was a pretty low-key thing and I had a lot of fun just chatting with the folks there. Talked to a number of them though at that point none of them really stood out to me other than the organizer, who is an EXTREMELY outgoing and huggy girl. I do remember that David and I seemed to hit it off really well, however – we weren’t monopolizing each other or anything, but we seemed to get on well and have quite a bit in common.

Fast-forward about a month – I’d been intending to go back but got buried under life and work issues so every time Thursday rolled around again I was elsewhere or trying to get stuff done until it was too late to bother heading down there. So a month later I peg the following Thursday as one that’s actually relatively free – of course Thursday night I find myself running around trying to get stuff done for an event I was organizing that weekend, and it kept getting later and later and I kept getting more and more harried trying to at least get there before the cafe closed. :slight_smile:

So I finally get there with about an hour to spare. Three steps into the room and David is already welcoming me back – come to learn later that he’d been asking after me while I was away. :slight_smile: I am still a bit flustered, having rushed all the way there, so it took me a couple minutes to calm down and get coffee and get settled. He’s still talking to me, which I have no objection to, so I end up just sitting right there. We end up basically monopolizing each other for the rest of the hour until the cafe closes (we actually have scary amounts of things in common).

Afterwards a small group is standing outside trying to figure out what next… David and I are still pretty much in mid-conversation so he asks if I want to go somewhere and keep talking, I say yes, so we end up at this 24-hour diner until about 1.30 in the morning. By then (hey, I’m no fool! :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m starting to get the smallest inkling where this might be going, so as we’re walking out I ask

“You tired?”

“Nope. You?”

“Nope. [pause] Wanna go to the beach?”


Where we ended up talking until 4 in the morning. We left only because I was getting cold, we were both still wide awake. He ends up at my place and we end up ahem until well past dawn before we finally zonk out. :slight_smile:

And that’s it in a nutshell. Since then we’ve been living and breathing each other almost constantly. And good god damn I’m smitten. :smiley:

:smiley: Congratulations! I wonder if my story would have turned out as well as yours, had I asked her to go to the beach after everything else closed. If you come up for air, again, let us know how it’s going.

Hmmm, well, we’ve slept apart only one night in the past twelve, if that tells you anything. :smiley:

Going extremely well, I think. We seem to be on the super-accelerated track, as we’ve already touched on, gone over, or thoroughly worked through a lot of the major issues that tend to come up. On day 10 he told me that the last time he felt like this he was with the girl for 4 years and got engaged to her. Day 11 he told me he wanted this to work badly enough that he’d be willing to try switching with me – which is a huge deal, since he’s a Dom and he’s never even considered it before. Day 12 he tells me “I could very easily fall in love with you.”

Damn, I’m getting choked up all over again. :slight_smile:

As for me, well, I’ve seriously had to bite my tongue to keep from popping out with the L-word too soon. I want to be really really sure before I say it, although at this point it sure feels that way.

Going wonderfully, yes. Great Mother Goddess I can’t stop smiling. :smiley:

Well, it tells me you’re probably pretty sleep deprived, at this point. :smiley:

Ah, I know that feeling.

Great feeling, isn’t it? :smiley: It makes me smile, just hearing about it.

Wow. I wish I was as lucky as you guys. Congratulations, Kaio, hope things remain well for you. Jeep us posted :wink:

…or you could keep us posted… :smack:

aaaahhh, that Begininning Hot-N-HEAVY Period. Bliss.

Congrats! May the Happy Vibes be with you, indefinitley.

::runs nekkid thru thread, pauses to kiss BUT NOT GROPE Kaio, continues running out::

David might have an issue with the gropage, so I opted for something else:D

Nah, don’t worry 'Punha, he’s not the jealous type. :smiley:

He WAS quite amused at all of your responses though. Heheh. Sleep deprived? just a wee bit. :wink:

Lordy he’s yummy. And I’m not normally a gushy kind of girl… :smiley:

A-HA! I see! So then he wants me to grope you.

Damn monogamous fiancee…

BTW, you do see the inherent double-entendre in “gushy”, yes?:smiley:

Yes, I most certainly do. Trust me, David’s got a ahem handle on that. :wink:

Though it’s gotta be said – 'Punha, you are SUCH a perv. :smiley:

Just don’t pretend to act surprised when you say that:D

Did I say I was surprised? :wink:

Finally come up for air?

Every once in a while, now. Although since both of us are (much to our chagrin) not working FT at the moment, we’re still spending just about all our time together. We did laundry and a few other chores together today. :slight_smile: And I’m managing to be more self-disciplined about getting out and exercising regularly again, though I still miss more days than I should (am getting much better though, heh).

We’ve still spent only one night apart since we met, though. Heheheh. It’s kinda cozy to wake up by having someone wrap his arms around me in the morning. :smiley: