Yahoo e-mail question

Okay, I decided to create a new yahoo e-mail account and transfer my addy list to the new name (about 57 addresses). But now, with the new account, when I send out e-mail to everyone, I get an error message that says “Too many addresses in To: line” even though the limit is 100. Anyone know what’s happening here?

When you attempted to send the email, did you send it to everybody in your list by clicking the box next to “Everybody” in your Address Book? If not that would be something to try. It’s also the easiest way to send an email to everyone.

You could also try putting some of the addresses in the CC field rather than putting them all in the To field.

It could have also been a random glitch…try sending it again.

If none of that works, try the Yahoo! Mail help. There’s a feedback form you can submit to hopefully get an answer. (Don’t hold your breath though…it’ll take them a couple of weeks to answer.)

Yahoo probably has a limit to the number of people you can have in the To field; this is a common practice to stop spammers (though it seems to do little good). It’s probably a good thing, since many receiving ISPs will ignore any messages with too many names in the To: field.

Best solution: send several messages with 25 or so of the names on each.

I did click on “everybody” and it didn’t work. I may try that 25 at a time thing though; maybe it will help. It’s just a pain doing it that way. I did e-mail Yahoo help. Just have to wait on an answer. Thanks, guys! :slight_smile: