Yahoo mail question, need quick reply

I received the following message from Yahoo this morning concerning an account that I have had for years.

The thing is, the mail has a zip file attached. called “”. When unzipped , the file contains an .exe file. This strikes me as potentially being a virus. Has this happened to anyone here? I don’t want to lose my account (if it is true). Then again, I don’t want to risk opening an .exe file to find out if it is real or a virus.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Its bupkis. Do not run the EXE.

There should be an option to show all headers. Read through there and you’ll start seeing non-Yahoo addresses in there. That means Yahoo didn’t send it.

I agree with NevarMore.

There’s a new worm going around that uses management@<your email domain> (or adminstration@… or staff@… or noreply@…) as the From address with an official-sounding dire warning of some kind inside.

When in doubt, forward it to your known administrator.

here’s the variant I got today…

(I’ve replaced my company name with “thingy”)

It is the W32/Bagle.j@MM virus, or a variant.

My company’s IT Staff has informed all employees of this virus. It disguises itself as an official communication, and has a “zipped” .exe file. Our propellor-heads have temporarily disabled .zip file attachments as a precaution.

Don’t run the .exe!
A sure tipoff – the “Message” from Yahoo is as badly written as one of those “I’m a Nigerian General with $58 Million” scam e-mails.

Thank you all for the great information. It was what I expected to hear. I was having a hard time finding anything via google. I knew that I would get the quickest answer from the dopers.

A quick (and probably stupid) question:

I did open the zip file to see what type of file was zipped. As long as I didn’t click on the ,exe file, I should be ok, right?
Again, thanks for all of our help!