Yahoo Messenger shutting down?

I keep getting forwarded messages on my Yahoo Messenger indicating that Yahoo will shut down free Messenger on Dec. 17 if enough messages aren’t forwarded, and that the forwarded messages automatically “sign” a digital petition with Yahoo to keep Messenger free.
I realize that these types of messages are usually hoaxes and designed to overload the targeted system, but I thought I would run it by the Teeming Millions and see if anyone knew the Straight Dope on this.

  • Dirk

Anything that has to be passed along by forwarding usually screams “spam” to me. Given that I haven’t recieved a notice like this, and that Yahoo probably doesn’t store message copies (otherwise they’d be buying a new hard drive every hour) so they couldn’t tell if it’s been forwarded, I think you’ve just been the victim of some very gullible people.

Been going on for a while.