Y'all need to update your column on the difference between cell phone radiation and microwave ovens

The column was solid science in 2003 but that was before 5G, 4G, and maybe even 3G? At this point you can find cell phones radiating up in the 6 gHz band. Moreover, there’s an entire “cellphones cause cancer” group that has sprung up and could use a good debunking. (Debunking hasn’t worked for the anti-vaxxers, but we can always hope, right?)

'Y’all" includes you since you are a poster here. Update us, please, in detail.

Welcome, mwheinz. When commenting on a column, it’s customary to include a link so other posters can follow.

How are the microwaves in ovens different from those in cell phones?

I know it’s today’s column, but it won’t be in a few days.

Q.E.D.'s SDAB columns were sometimes problematical. And given he passed away a long time ago, any updates would require others to jump in and then things dicey given the situation.

I believe the methodology preferred on this board would be to provide links to reliable sources reporting at least a statistical correlation between radiation sources and higher rates of cancers over the longest available periods before proposing a cause for that correlation. I imagine Denmark has population wide demographics for the cancer diagnosis and treatment rates, although I don’t know if they track cell phone use and microwave oven use there.