Yankee Stadium, 4-7-07 A-Rod finally has his Yankee Moment.

No, I know. What I’m wondering is what’s the general dis based on?

I totally agree that his September performance doesn’t equal “clutch,” whatever that is; I make no such claims. I was trying to refute the notion to the contrary.

As far as the postseason, in fact, he already has shined. The sample size is tiny and almost certainly meaningless, and his career postseason line is slightly depressed from his career regular season line, but he’s had fantastic postseason runs (.315/.413/.611 in LCS play). Again, I’m definitely not proposing that he’s a clutch player. I’m saying that when it’s all said and done, and there are no ESPN daily updates about the locker room, people are going to look at A-Rod’s numbers and go holy fuck, was he way better than he got credit for. Of course, if A-Rod has one more good postseason run, all of a sudden the numbers will be justification for his newfound status as a hero. Which will be bullshit just as much as the choker tag is, but at least he’ll be getting credit for the kind of player he is.