Yareta plant, what exactly does it look like?


Well I can see what it looks like, but what is the structure exactly?

If it a very small planet growing like moss on the surface of rocks, or does it have a trunk or core or something?

It says it was used as fuel, hard to imagine moss being scraped up for fuel.

I’ve viewed several galleries and sites and I still can’t picture what the plant itself looks like.:smack:

That should obviously be PLANT, not planet doh!

Edited title to fix typo.

Still “planet” in the post!

I don’t know this plant, but going to its genus tells more, about it and relatives. It’s short.

Peat moss has been used as fuel since forever.

And I have seen a number of different mosses while out hiking that could be peeled off the dead tree in a sort of thick mat, so if it was laid in the sun to dry it could very easily act like a brick of peat - just a bit fluffier.

I read about this plant yesterday in an article about the world’s oldest living things. I also would like to know what the heck is underneath that mass of tiny leaves. I saw one picture of a man standing on top of one, so it must be pretty thick under there.

It’s like a fuzy cover, like a new towel, but with some moistness.
It doens’t feel like moss nor lichens-

What’s underneath? What would a cutaway view look like?

There’s a trend in horticulture toward growing moss instead of grass. Obviously, you don’t have to mow it.

It should probably be noted that, regardless of how it LOOKS externally, yareta is not a moss. It’s an angiosperm, a flowering plant, and is actually in the same family as carrots, fennel and Queen Anne’s Lace.