Yay! Apple stock worth more than Dell!!!

I have been dreaming of this day, waiting for this day, and at last it has arrived!!


DELL closed at 22.33
AAPL closed at 22.47

dancing dancing dancing for joy!

Whee!!! :smiley:

I don’t think this is the first time, is it? I mean, AAPL was up around 140 or so a few years back, before the stock split. And I seriously doubt Dell was in that range at the time.

[As of May 8, 2002]
Apple - market cap: $7,956,000,000
Dell - market cap: $57,962,000,000

Moral? The price of a single share means squat.

Well, cool.

Now, let’s see if they can keep it that way. :smiley:

Just curious, but honestly, why do you care? Obviously, if you own lots of Apple stock, it benefits you when they go up, but I fail to see why you have a desire for Dell to be below. Unless, of course, you work for Apple, and as such have a huge interest vested in the company. I just find it interesting.

Oh…there’s one other thing to note: AAPL is not actually higher than DELL right now. The dollar amount, yes, but the actual worth of stock is not. Due to DELL having 7 stock splits, and Apple having only 2 splits in the last 5 years.

Check here to see actual Dell vs. Apple stock information adjusted for the splits.

Not that I would mind if Apple was higher…I have no money invested in either company.

I see now that Cerowyn has already mentioned this, but the graph paints a pretty picture. :slight_smile:

For me the daily numbers are just a little cool game in my head. They don’t have to mean anything! It’s just that Steve’s number is now bigger than Mike’s.


Apple: 8 billion dollars
Dell: 57 billion dollars

I think I want to trade dell stock for apple stock with this guy.

Maybe I can just hand him a one dollar bill, and he’ll hand me a 10 in return, and think he’s ripping me off :smiley:

This is what happens when the great unwashed are unleashed into the stock market.

Arrggh!! Dell’s ahead again today. Never mind. It was lovely while it lasted…

Just remember, istara, that us Mac-heads have awaard-winning industrial designs, a state-of-the-art UNIX-based OS, and digital media software that’s considered top-rate by reviewers and users everywhere.

Dell’s got a kid who likes to say “dude!” a lot. :wink:

I know where I’d rather be. :smiley: