Yay! Halema'uma'u has started erupting again! Webcam fun!

On a completely unrelated note, because they’re saying it was unconnected with the volcano, there was a 6.2-magnitude earthquake off the Big Island yesterday morning, and our building here in Waikiki was shaking, highly unusual. They even felt it all the way over on Kauai, which is even more unusual.

Any tidal waves?

I was out running when the quake struck, on a rural road surrounded by mostly fields and trees, but with a scattering of houses here and there. Oddly, I didn’t feel it at all - as in, there was no sense of shaking beneath my feet. But I heard it! It didn’t last long and it wasn’t obtrusively loud, but it was the sound of everything shaking, and it was very directional. I noted where it seemed to be coming from and checked on the USGS map as soon as I got home - yup, that was correct.

At home, a few pictures on the wall were knocked askew, and my ironing board had fallen over, although with three cats I can’t say for sure that the ironing board culprit was geological.

No tsunamis. After the Big One in the Indian Ocean in 2004, they said it generally took at least a 7.5 to generate a tsunami, but I believe there may be factors that could generate some at a lower magnitude.