Volcano-Cam Mount Saint Helens


Check often—it might be going away…


Pretty cool, I’ve been watching for the last couple days. Never thought to post a link to the cam. :smack:
I keep thinking I’ll get to see something but so far nothin.

I don’t think I’ll watch a mountain all day. If it blows up, I can catch the highlight reel on Extreme Sports Center. :rolleyes:

I lived in Renton when it blew up in 1980. We could see it from there. Very cool. Can’t see it from Colorado though. Given what I’ve heard about the Montana Super Volcano of Death, I don’t think I want to see any eruptions for a while…except over the webcam, that’d be alright. Good news is that St. Helens never got to build any more glaciers to devastate the river people…it’s all gonna be liquid hot mag-mah (Dr. Evil).

It did blow today… a little. I missed all the action.

But the USGS site doesn’t have any details! I need details! And pictures!

Mount St. Helens erupted today around 11:57 am PDT. The actual eruption probably lasted no more than 20 minutes. Within an hour after the eruption, the steam and ash cloud had dissipated, blown away by the wind.

After the eruption, the seismographs all flat-lined, indicating the eruption effectively ended the buildup of seismic activity. However, late this afternoon, the USGS reported renewed seismic activity. I using a software program right now on my machine that can track all the seismographs on and around in the volcano real-time and seven of the nine (one has gone funky and the other was destroyed in the eruption) all show the renewed activity. I’m seeing earthquakes right now every one to two minutes.

The Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam operated flawlessly all day long, including during the eruption. It continues to operate with no problems. However, this was not the case with the government web server during the eruption. It became overloaded with hits that no one could make a connection. But don’t worry. I have all the images from the eruption. I can assure you they will be posted on the web site next week.

There was another event on Mount St. Helens today. Seismologists detected a harmonic tremor, indicative that magma is moving inside the volcano. This was significant enough for the USGS to issue a Level III Volcano Alert. This means that an actual eruption is imminent where magma has a very real possibility of being ejected from the volcano. Everyone was evacuated from the Johnston Ridge Observatory (five miles from the crater). The closest anyone may now get to Mount St. Helens is the Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center, nine miles from the volcano.

As explained to me, if yesterday’s initial event was a zero and the 1980 eruption a five, the prediction is the next event will be a two or three.

I was up at Mount St. Helens today and witnessed what appeared to be an avalance from the crater wall into the crater. The timing coincides with the USGS statement of a harmonic tremor.

Harmonic Tremor would be an excellent band name!

Not a band but a label…


So would “Level 3 Volcano Alert”.

Naah… Harmonic Tremor and the Transverse Waves.

Their first single could be a cover of Motley Crue’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like an eruption is happening right now!

Sure does.

Woah!! I discovered the volcano cam only this morning and about 15 minutes ago I was looking at a pretty blue cloudless sky, green mountain looking all calm & serene, and I thought, gee, I wish I knew about the cam this weekend when it was erupting. Then I clicked refresh and was shocked to see the erupting cloud & ash!! Wow wow wow!

Damn. That kicks ass.

Sweet! :smiley:

I live north in Woodinville, WA which is about 25 minutes west of Seattle.

My doggies woke me up this morning and when I looked out the window I thought for a moment that the volcano had BLOWN. See, it is a wee bit foggy here this morning and I refused to let me dogs out until I checked the news to make sure I wasn’t living in a cloud of ash.

king5, komo4 and kiro7 have coverage being the local news 'round here.

PS: Does anyone else think Harmonic Tremors is a good band-name?

The unreported menace at Mt. St. Helens: the Giant Fly.

(caught on the VolcanoCam)

The unreported menace at Mt. St. Helens: the Giant Fly.


Corrected link.

Uh, that would be AC/DC. :smiley: