Is Mount St Helens Erupting?

There appears to be a minor eruption or something at Mt St Helens visible on the Volcanocam. There is what appears to be a vertical plume of gases visible from a small cone in the centre rear.

I don’t think so. I’ve been to the cam site now and then and it seems there’s usually a wisp like that.

We’re getting seizmo activity in that area.


It’s just letting off a bit of steam. It was more impressive a few days ago.

Total earthquake energy is down, as is the number of quakes.

The VCam archive page:

has an image of a moderate puff of steam peaking around 8:05am PDT. Sorry, can’t provide a hard link as the images are name shifted over time and then drop off the page.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Rockslides off the new dome routinely cause modest puffs of steam and ash. (About 2 weeks ago there was a nice runoff of steaming water coming out of the crater for most of the day. There’s still an amazing amount of glacier ice still in the crater.)

It’s probably a good thing for it to blow off a bit of steam now and then. Keeps it from building up another huge blast. Of couse, it also doesn’t have nearly so much to blow now.

It is erupting, but you have nothing to worry about, since the volcano is just slowly rebuilding itself. In the current shape of the volcano, there is no room for the magma to gather in order to make a proper eruption like the one that occured before. cite

I was just at the Johnston Observatory last week. I’ll post a photo or two I took of the crater.

The volcano is definitely active. That is to say, it is steaming, smoking, belching, and rumbling. But it is not erupting.

As you’ll see from some of my photos, that amount of steam coming from the lava dome (that hump in the middle of the concave depression of the crater) is far from unusual.

That hump, incidentally, is nothing but a crust of cool rock. It is filled with magma, and it is constantly growing. So damn cool.

Back with piccies in a sec.

OK, OK, so it is erupting. Just very slowly. Got it. Still coming back with photos, damn it. :slight_smile:

OK, here we go.

[li]The crater and lava dome. You can see dense clouds of steam in the crater.[/li]
[li]The following 3 photos are closeups of the lava dome. The first two show small to moderate burps of steam, but the third one shows much more activity. This happens on a minute-by-minute basis. Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3.[/li]
[li]And just for the hell of it, here’s a hillside near the volcano covered in indian paintbrush, and here’s my attempted Ansel Adams-esque interpretation of one of the blasted-down trees near the Observatory.[/li][/ul]

Hey Ogre, your last pic looks just like “Sloth” from The Goonies. (Tilt your head to the right.) And since Astoria is just downstream from MStH…

Great pics, Ogre! Thanks for sharing.

I like the one of the blasted tree. Thats some tasty photography!

Great. Just great. I’ll never be able to see anything else in that pic now. Thanks a lot!


Thanks, Tranquilis. I like that one too.