There she blows! Mt. St. Helens erupting!

Possible eruption going on?

It’s not steam anymore…there’s black smoke coming out.

No one lives on that mountain anymore, do they?

Any links? I’d like to see a picture.

They’re calling it a “steam eruption.” I can’t find any news links yet.

A Little Story

It’s not much but it’s a start.


And dammit…I’ve had the Mt St. Helens webcam up all day. And haven’t looked at it in a while. And missed it. And now the picture’s unavailable.

Ah…now it’s back. Wow.

It started at 12:01 PST Channel 5 had a guy there, so they/we were watching. Airhead, Joyce said “what’s that white thing?” & and damn! It was it.

I recorded a WAV file to see if I could pick up any seismic activity from this far away (Portland area). It’s sped up 10 times and filtered. Throughout the recording are deep rumbles centered around 100Hz (so the original vibration was ~10Hz); I wonder if they’re earthquakes. The whine towards the end is from a motor vehicle.

The link didn’t work for me. :confused:

Worked for me. It ran in quicktime.

Oh well. It must just be my system then. Thanks for the quick reply.

Out of curiosity, how did you make this recording? What were you recording?


It was the big story on all the news channels (CNN, MSNBC, etc) this morning, along with the Bush/Kerry debates.

Have you tried saving it to your hard disk?

Using a regular microphone - the kind that’s designed to clip on to the front of a person’s shirt, using an ordianry sound card with a 20db microphone boost. The mic was just laying around picking up ambient noises. I let it run for just over 20 minutes then sped it up and filtered it. I’ve picked up other interesting noises using this method before, although it does seem surprising that such a small element could pick up these low frequencies.

I see. You must live in a fairly quiet place, or else you filtered out a lot of other noise. I live within a mile of an expressway, so the background noise here is constant. In an old Radio Shack electronics book I used to have, it talked about making a pseudo-
directional boom mic by taping several straws together of different lengths. I don’t know that it would work for a clip on mic, though. I thought maybe you had buried the mic underground, or something like that.