Yay I'm finally going to be HD

It’s pretty surprising that I am pretty much the last one in the country without HD TV.

I’m a real gadget and tech geek, and usually in the first waves of adopters of any new toy. As soon as the price falls from the ridiculous to the mostly affordable stage I am right there.

But Somehow not with HD. I actually bought an “HD” TV 8 years and never actually got to ever see anything HD on it. I was moving so often it just wasn’t worth it to pay to have the new lines installed anywhere, So i suffered with SD. By the time I finally got settled my HD TV had been demoted to ED because it only did 480. And it wasn’t worth paying the extra for an HD service with all the extra resolution I couldn’t use.

But That TV finally crapped out, and I just bought a new TV :slight_smile: It’s finally actually worth it to pay for HD, so the guy is coming out in a couple hours to set it up.

The Stanley Cup playoff are going to be so much more clear this year as I watch the Red Wings win another cup.

You will never go back once you get to see it. Especially anything sports. Oh and congrats on the new tv.

I don’t have an HD TV and won’t until my TV set breaks. Yeah, it can be annoying not being able to see things on the very left or very right, but my wife and I don’t feel it’s worth it to spend around $300 (give or take) for a new TV.

It’s likely you’ll end up spending more than the $300 for the TV. Thanks to a larger-than-expected bonus check, I just replaced my 1996-vintage 25" Samsung with a 32" Visio HD set. The difference is quite amazing. Then I realized my DVD player was only 480, so I had to get a Blu Ray player. Which meant I had to get some Blu Ray DVDs. I had to draw the line there because I decided upgrading to a 5.1 surround system was going a bit too far. So watch out–when you upgrade to HD, getting the TV is only the beginning.

I’ll echo the above, and add my condolences - the Wings don’t have it this year. I’m a Calgary fan, but my money, were I betting, is on a Canucks/Bruins cup final.

This, without the wife part. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I don’t watch sports (or have HD), so I’d love to know why HD makes a difference for it. Does easily reading the names on shirts, or seeing where the lines on a tennis court really are, actually make that much of a difference?

:smiley: Well, I have Dish Network, so I would probably upgrade to their HD package. Eventually I might buy a Blu-ray player, but I’m fine with DVDs for now.

Nobody if you have Dish go to the website and you can upgrade to HD free for life.
See website for details.

I can assrue you that you are nowhere near the last.

I don’t have one yet, either. I just don’t need it yet. I will when my current TV breaks and I feel the need to get one, but not yet.

Hopefully, prices will decline even further by then.

Congratulations! You’ll love it.

Heck the 32" TV cost was nothing compared to the cost of the automatic dish I bought and had installed on top of my motor home - $1750 installed.

Sure is neat though.

So much better :slight_smile: I still have some customizing to do on the new set, None of the default settings are quite what I like, But what fun is a new toy if you don’t play around with it a little. Gonna be well broken in on Some basketball the next couple weeks.

That’s exactly where I was a couple weeks ago, when My old TV decided to end the drama by clicking and sparking at the plug.

Well, like I said, I’ll need to buy an HD TV first, and who knows when that will be :confused:.