Yay! L.A. Times and Yay! Brian Lowry (sceptics' article)

Great op-ed piece from today’s L.A. Times on those crappy psychic shows. A shame he doesn’t mention my own favorite, The Pet Psychic . . .

Thanks for the link, Eve. It’s a sobering article, but at least someone somewhere is covering the other side of the story.

Yes, it was nice to see this, but then I started thinking about all the idiotic hate mail he’s likely to receive.

“It’s taking longer than we thought” = “It’s about as good as it’s ever going to get.”

Give me a freakin break. They got a VP for “unscripted and reality programming?” How about a VP for “bullshit and crappola?” They got one of them too? Notice that she was skeptical, but has been “won over.” Guess that tells you something aboutr the quality of VP’s in TV today.

“Disgustilating!” as popeye might say.