Yay! There are limits to my love of celebrity trainwrecks!

I finally got the new Entertainment Weekly last night, and totally skipped the story on Heath Ledger.

I’ll admit to a humiliating familiarity of the twists and turns of the various disasters that are Britney, Anna Nicole, et al. – but with Heath Ledger, no, please, could we just let the man rest in peace?

Thank you for explosing my eyes to a thread title mentioning celebrity trainwrecks in order to proclaim your disdain for having others expose your eyes to celebrity trainwrecks.

You seem to have a low tolerance for paradox. jots notes


Yeah. A few weeks ago, a month or three ago, it was amusing to check the gossip blogs and talk about how we were all, despite everything, “doing better than Britney!” (Things were stressful at the office in 2007.)

Now, it’s just not funny any more, and I don’t want to read about it.

EW is nice and all, but I prefer Playboy’s celebrity news, esp the part where the celebrities “accidentally” expose themselves. :wink:

I probably haven’t seen a Playboy in 15 years, do they still have that section in the back? I guess it’s not as big a deal now as it used to be. Is it still in B&W?