Yay, Tuckerfan!!

I hope that I’m the first to officially welcome you back! If not, then this has to be the first OFFICIAL TUCKERFAN WELCOME BACK THREAD.

Huzzah, twenty pounds for the king!

Yeah! Welcome back Bud! I like Tuckerfan too!!!

Did you hear about that center headlight that moves with the steering wheel?

(oh god why am I such a card tonight?)

I was wondering about him just yesterday. Is he back? Link please.



Why was he gone?

Last I heard he was going to be without Internet access for a while.

Search didn’t find any threads by Tuckerfan within the last two weeks. Perhaps Hung Mung simply saw an old thread that had been resurrected.

Tuckerfan, wherever you are out there, hope things work out soon and you can get back on board.

I coulda SWORN I saw posts by him last night! They were dated “Today,” therefore I assumed he was back.
I hope I didn’t jump the shark… :frowning:

It’s okay. I welcomed him back last week when I saw a bumped thread he started.

His continued abstance is a black spot on my otherwise bleak life :frowning:

Wish he’d hurry up and come back.

Well, THAT’s dark…

Remember, abstance helps the heart grow fonder.