Ye Gods! Another remake!

They would’nt… Would they?

Oh they would, have no doubt.

The most remakable thing to me isn’t that they’d remake a classic, but they are under some presumption that people have any desire to sit through a western these days.

At least they picked the right parts.

If someone could remake Psycho and get a major studio to back it and promote it, it sems to me they’d do anything. Nothing is sacred.

So, they think Redford and Newman didn’t do a good job in the first place? Affleck and Damon think they could do better? What is the point?

And that was even promoted as an exact, shot-for-shot remake. I kept looking for the point.

“Every generation deserves to tell a story in their own way”

  • someone whose name I can’t remember

Damon will reportedly play the Sundance Kid, while Affleck will recreate Newman’s role as Butch Cassidy

Who are those guys?

Well, after all, special effects are so much better now than they were back in 1969, so train wrecks and gunfights will be so much more vivid – and that famous jump over the cliff, with CGI, that cliff could be miles and miles and miles higher. Plus, of course, today’s rap music is so much better than that old-time soppy stuff all about raindrops.

And, of course, it’s under two hours long. It could easily fill three or four hours.

Pass me a bucket.


Maybe Westerns are making a comaback in popularity.
I hear there’s one in theaters right now (“Brokeback Mountain” I think it’s called) and I hear it’s doing well. It has a lot of people talking too. Probably has a lot of gunfights, bank robberies, etc. People like that sort of thing.

Maybe they can remake *The Sting * next.

Butch: “What the fuck ahe you doin’, Kid?”
Sundance: “I got it. I been blowin’ safes since I was a baby.”
Butch: “Hey, leave youh pehsonnal life outta this - we’re trying to rahb a train.”
Sundance: “The only train you’ll ever see is the one lined up outside your mom’s bedroom every night.”
Butch: “You are in so much shit now.”

I’m actually going to agree with this part. I hate that song. And frankly, I didn’t care for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid very much, anyway. I guess the reasoning is to get Affleck and Damon back together and that will get asses in seats. But if the premise is that people will go see a movie because they’re in it, why not do an original script? I’m sick of this remake crap.

I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for this…(except you forgot to put “wicked” in there somewhere).

Seconded. I’d be willing to watch the remake for the sole reason that it does not have a stupid Burt Bacharach song in it.

Thanks. It just wrote itself.

and it was pure genius, but it did, indeed, need a ‘wicked good’

You’ve also hit on something I was thinking. Ben Affleck really only has a chance playing a Bostoner or a character whose region of origin is irrelevant and who’s set in modern times, and then it’s still slim chance. Damon’s got a little more range.

On the brighter side, maybe this time the striptease will climax with an actual sex scene instead of pulling out early.

I always thought “Butch Cassidy” had some serious pacing problems, plus that gawdawful song. Sure, Redford and Newman were great in their parts, but Catherine Ross was, as usual, weak. Beautiful, but weak.

I thought Affleck and Damon did the buddy schtick really well in “Dogma,” right up there with those other guys.

It comes down to script writing and direction. If it’s standard fare, it’ll just suck. But in the right hands, I think the original could be surpassed.