Yeah, astronomers, that meteor shower was REAL exciting . . .can I go back to bed?

My wife warned me not to do this.

She warned me NOT to get up before 5 this morning to see what astronomy experts are saying will be the most spectacular meteor show in decades. She told me what it will be a couple of shooting stars in the sky- if you are lucky.

70 meteors a minute, they proclaimed! “A spectacular light show in the heavens expected, unlike any seen in 36 years!” one radio station said.

All, right, figure I’d be a good sport, set the alarm, get up and check out:
1, 2, okay 4 or 5 shooting stars.

In five minutes.

That’s about it.

Gee, now THAT was worth fucking up my entire weekend sleep schedule for! I mean, do I have “SUCKER” written all over my head or WHAT? (sorry if there are any misspellings . . a BIT tired, you see)

Look, shooting stars are cool- when you are in you backyard and you just happen to see one, so then you can make a wish- like your next door neihbors barking dog will die, for instance.

But shooting stars SUCK when it’s 5:00 am and your head is still spinning from the 8 beers you had earlier that night.

Astronomers, go ahead and line up your excuses: “Well, you could see them better in real accessible places- like the Northwest Territories” or blame it on atmospheric conditions. In the meantime, fuck every single one of you for another waste of my godamned time!

I would like to make a wish on a shooting star right now . . that one of these meteoroids flies right into one of your motherfucking observatories and wakes YOU all up, assholes!!!

Too bad you don’t live where I do. HUNDREDS. Sometimes more than I could count at once.

Would you like a tissue?

Same here. And all over the sky as well.

Well here it’s overcast-can’t see 100 yards ahead in this fog let alone a star. Damn.

There weren’t a ton here, but there were a good 10-12 a minute that I saw.

Heck, I saw several dozen each minute. It was nifty. I was up in the hills for about an hour staring up at the clear starry sky, hanging out with a couple friends, just sitting and chatting. The fact that we had turbolaser blasts - I mean, shooting stars - bouncing about the place was an added bonus.

You successful star gazers are 5u}{0r!

(that’s suxor, or sucky, for the non 1337) :wink:
Complete cloud cover here in the heart of Texas. Bah. I guess I will just have to hang around until the next really big show in 2099.

Well, thanks to my SO who REFUSED to watch the meteor shower with me…guess who didn’t get to see them?


Somebody from the Baltimore area please tell me the show wasn’t so great? Please?? I fell asleep waiting; usually I have trouble sleeping and wake up a lot during the night, so I figured I’d get up no with problem and go out and see the meteor shower. However, I didn’t wake up AT ALL during the night last night, can you beat that?

Anyhow, for my own sad satisfaction it might be nice to know that it wasn’t a good viewing around here. I was thinking of going to Oregon Ridge State Park to see the action. I’m thinking there may have been too much light pollution from Baltimore anyhow??

I went out after dark to find a good place to watch them.

But having just moved to the city, I had underestimated the effects of light pollution. I couldn’t even find the Big Dipper, to know which way was north!

Oh, well, I’ll get up at 3:00 and see what it all looks like anyway. Maybe some of the brighter ones will come through.

But the cold front came around 2:00. Overcast skies at 3:00. :frowning:

I though the stars at night were big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas?
I am 26 years old. Between 6 and 6:30 this morning, I saw more shooting stars than I have seen in all the rest of my life. This was despite the fact that I live within the city limits of Philadelphia and was watching from a lighted parking lot.

Arrgghhh! The entire western shore of Lake Michigan was fogged in! Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn

Shoot! I should have looked over here before posting in MPSIMS about my experience last night.

I’m missing everything all of a sudden.

I bought the hype. I stayed up to watch what was presumed to be the best show around. What’s worse, I stayed up the entire night waiting around for the peak time to hit.

Here in Minneapolis, we got fucked!!! … and not in a nice way.

To begin with, I had to stay up 'til midnight to bid on a packet thingy on E-Bay. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem. Midnight? Fine, I’m normally up.

But this has been a bitch of a week. I’ve had about five hours a night max sleep each night since Monday- I’m spent.

Fucking Boo!!!

But, I need to stay up a snipe a bid at E-Bay and everyone and their brother is talking about the Leonid meteor shower.

So, I stay up and win the auction at about midnight. Then, … I sit around and wait. Three hours until this damn thing starts. If I set the alarm I’ll sleep right through it. Better to stay awake and not miss the ‘big event’.

I got so bored snapping around the tube watching that ever present con man who’s been selling everything from portable clothes steamers, to that hand held mixer, to now, computers that will ‘blow you away’ that I eventually couldn’t take it and wound up watching the NASA channel.

Anyone else see that drivel?

After watching about ten minutes of these guys completely miss their cues and leave minutes of dead air, with no commentary or anything ("Let’s go to Trixie in New Mexico. She’s going to read us some viewer mail. Trixie? ::Bzzzz zzzz zzzzz zzzzz crackle Bzzz zzzz zzzzz:: “Thanks Mike. I’ve got some viewer mail here I’d like to read…”). If it wasn’t that, it was the fact that no one person had the mike at the same level (“We start in Houston where Angie Anderson asks us what the chances are that she may get hit by a meteor. Mike?” ::Bzzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz crackle Bzzz zzzz zzzzz :: “WELL ANGIE. THERE’S NO NEED TO FEAR BEING HIT BY A METEOR, HA HA HA. BACK TO YOU”). Finally, their visuals sucked. SUCKED. They had what looked to be about a ten year old camcorder pearched up and shooting out what seemed to be some guys living room window. Worse still, they had the thing zoomed in on the big dipper. Whoop de fucking doo!! What the hell am I supposed to see with that crappy camera and that bullshit angle, huh? You’d think an organizations that spends billions a year on researching and designing machines that look at planets light years away from us with precision instruments would have something better than an outdated camcorder shooting out a guys window at the big dipper (It was even better the few times they moved the camera. You’d see part of a guys hand grab the camera and then violently move the thing about trying to get to the last meteor they saw. Too bad it was seconds old and gone by then. Nice try anyways NASA. Let me guess, you need more funding.).

It’s a wonder we ever made it to the moon with this kind of operation.

But, I wait. I struggle along and stay awake. A couple times I walked up to the roof of my apartment and looked around. Nothing. “Oh, wait, was that something over there? Ahh, I’ll come out when it peaks.”.

Three O’clock finally creeps up on me and from the commentary on NASA live, it’s practically an orgasmic event.

Woo hoo! Me likey orgasms.

I head upstairs once again and start peering around. I can’t lay down because of the rock aggregate roof, so I have to crane my neck and grin and bear the pain. “Ohh, hey, there was one. Cool… tick… tock… tick… OK, bring it on people!! Hmm, I wonder what that is over there. Ah, hell. Those are the clouds that they predicted. Boy, those suckers sure are moving fas… SHIT!!”

Within minutes the sky was completely obscured. I couldn’t see dick.

What a waste. My neck hurts, I’m tired, and I didn’t see anything.

Fucking astronomers! Who needs ‘em!!

It was good here in upstate New York.

Having been an amateur astronomer for a while, I have observed that the activity isn’t for everyone. Although folks who look through my scope at Jupiter or Saturn always ooh and ahh, they are very unexcited by other things that I find exciting.

I show people galaxies and nebulae, and they expect them to look like Hubble images. Where are the bright colored gases and cosmic explosions?

Well it doesn’t work that way. To me, the wonder is in realizing that you are seeing fossil light. It’s like a time machine. And a portion of that light, that began its life millions of years ago, was destined to embed itself in my retina. Just for me. That’s how I felt about the Leonids.

Or it’s seeing Saturn and Jupiter for REAL. Not in a photo, but as they actually appear. Or the incredible landscape of the moon, which I stare at for hours on end with a lunar atlas at hand.

Hey, Bad Astronomer, get in here and back me up!

Oh, and since this is the Pit, just imagine every fourth word or so was “fuck”.


In Colorado, at the peak, I counted 13 in a single minute just across the part of the sky I was watching. And it went on that way for 20 minutes or so.

Truley amazing!


If you missed the meteor shower, there is some compensation. You’ll be the only ones who’ll be able to see when the Trifids arrive.

You bastard! :wink:

I was about 1/4th of the way through a “I’m blind and the the triffids are at my back door” post. You stole my thunder, DocCathode…and now I’m callin’ you out!

Well, not really. But I guess it shows that great minds think alike!

And fools seldom differ.

Sorry, sorry, I’m just grumpy 'cuz the fog rolled in last night.

Waiting for triffids, or tribbles

Beautiful here. Mr. Bobkitty and bobkittyfriends went out to ‘the land’ in AL, sat in what is eventually going to be the garage of the Bobkitty house, and had an absolute blast. Doubles, triples, a few that clearly broke through, including one that turned just about every color in the spectrum… amazing. We disbanded about 2:00AM EST, when it was really starting to pick up, having seen more than enough to last us til next year.

I’d been pretty ambivalent about going, but it was well worth it!


You know, I think that anyone who predicts “The Greatest Meteor Shower of X, Y, and Z” should be drug out and shot, because 1) predicting the quality of a meteor shower is freakin’ voodoo, and should be relegated to colleges of astrology (I’m exaggerating, but still) and when they’re wrong, people think “stupid astronomers” and 2) Even if the shower’s good, people will go out expecting the sky to be filled with shooting stars, and if they don’t see that within five minutes they go back inside and think “stupid astronomers.”