Year 2000 work week - 4DAYS!!


in the 19th Century everyone worked 6 days a week 14 hour days.

in the 20th Century, it appears that 5 days a week 9-5 is the norm.

Am I alone (I hope not) in feeling that with the 21st Century rolling around we need to lose 1 more day of the the old 5 day work week? I want 4 days.

I am not a picky man, Ill take my 1 extra day off anytime, I will even alternate it…but I don’t want to continue my existance on this planet having worked the majority of my life away.

Anyone else out there feel this way?

NOTE: I do need to make an income if I want to contniue living a life off of the streets…so please no one tell me to quit : )

I have also noted that the majority of people who work 5 days a week seem to be immune? How can people not mind the drudgery of working 5days…why do I have such a problem with it? I am not lazy…there are many things I’d love to do that involve physical labour.

Every day is one day closer to dying, and all I am doing is sitting in an office doing repetitive tasks so some guy can go sailing on him boat and make buy his new car.

So my fellow readers…when you go into work The first Monday Morning of the year 2000…I ask that you Slam your fist down on your employers desk and declare out loud “FOUR DAY WORK WEEK!”



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Most people won’t demand a four-day work week because of the fear of a zero-day work week.

“Most people won’t demand a four-day work week because of the fear of a zero-day work week.”

Not a problem, if everyone asked real nice. On the same day. By telephone. :slight_smile:

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Nice thought this thread. And I remember hearing studies that, what with technological advances (computers) and the increased competition in many job fields that we are all working LONGER, HARDER and accomplishing WAY MORE than we used to only a couple of decades ago.

Despite the fact that we could work 4 days and get done what only a few years ago was done in five, we instead as a culture look at these improvments as ways to get more done in the five days.

And I doubt we’ll see a change any time soon…

Yer pal,

What i really think we should push for is a 4 day school week. We all know that high school students, at least, learn more on the weekends than at school :wink:

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