Years: Do you ever find yourself thinking, dammit, I oughtta be living in 19-- right now?

I was watching this link – Miami Vice Opening and Closing Theme 1984 - 1989, and for a moment I was mildly distressed to realize that it is not in fact 1989 right now. And it will never be 1989 again.

Dammit. :frowning:

Yep. I don’t care how long I live; I will never be able to admit that the 90s were more than just a few years ago.

I still feel like it’s about 1992.

Me too. I think I only just started hearing the phrase “90s nostalgia” in the last year or so and every time it shocks me…“nostalgia? It JUST HAPPENED!”

I find this interesting because I keep hearing it. I thought people live in their 20s time period for long times, does this mean that people who are saying this are around the same age, or were the 90s REALLY special?

To me, stuff from the late 90s aren’t immediately distinguishable from the present day, or not so much that I’d pay much attention. Early 90s, though, hoo boy . . .

I was born in '75. While I have plenty of memories of the 80s, in my mind, I was a kid then. In the 90s, I became a full-fledged adult, and therefore was then exactly the same as I am now, and so it must have been just a bit ago.

Right, I graduated in 1971, Dad died in 1972, went to college in 1973, went to another college, 74, got married, 75, had a kid, 76, changed jobs, 77, changed jobs again, 78, wife’s dad died, 79, my kid had a kid, 80, changed jobs and moved, 81, that was a year ago, so it’s 1982, right?

I was born in '75, but I’ve always thought it would have been real cool to be a young adult in the 70’s. I love the music, the clothes (yes the clothes), the hair, the urban grittiness, the movies that came out during that period, tv shows, etc. the 70’s were a funky time, brother!

No, 9/11 happened recently. So it’s 2002 now.

(Something just occured to me. I was 17 years old in 1996. That wasn’t very long ago. I was born in 1979. When I was 17, that was ancient history. However, someone who is 17 now was born in… 1996. Wait, what?!)

I wish I was living in about 1984, where the biggest concern on my mind was whether my unrequited crush would ever change his mind. (talked to him couple months ago, he’s happily married. :/)

Good thought, but no the 90’s weren’t special. That’s the 80’s you’re thinking of.:smiley:


Not so much “I oughta be living in 19xx” as “(some year in the 1980s) was 30 years ago?”.

Too many things happened in 2000 and later that I almost take for granted that keep me from wanting to live before then - the two that come to mind are DVDs (they may have started in the late 1990s, but didn’t become widespread until at least 2000) and YouTube (I don’t think it was even feasible before 2000 - maybe internet speeds were fast enough, but I don’t think video card technology had quite reached the necessary point).

One event from the 1990s usually “snaps me back into the present” - I remember going shopping for computer parts on Clinton’s first inauguration day (1/20/1993), and, IIRC, memory was $40/MB (that’s $40,000 for 1 GB, but then, I dount that anything close to a “home computer” could handle 1 GB) and hard drives had just reached $1000/GB.

My first day back at work in the year 2000, I said to some co-workers, “You know what’s going to happen now, right? 90s music will start being played on the oldies stations.”

They all had a good laugh.

Then, later that week, one co-worker came in and said, “Dammit, Knead. I heard ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ on the oldies station this morning.”


Not really, no. I’m current enough with the actual year. Though there are times when I look at events like when I got a house and I think “That was… five years ago? No, eight… almost nine now.” Or I think of myself as still new to the Seattle area, when I’ve been here for 13 years now, which is longer than any of my neighbors.

I do frequently wish that I’d been born about 5-10 years earlier, though. I was born in 1976. So as much as I remember parts of the 80’s, I really did more of my important growing up in the 90’s. The 90’s sucked. I do not want Pearl Jam and MC Hammer played at my frickin’ high school reunions. I want Def Leppard, damn it, and I want to discover them early enough to look forward to their career, not back on it.

I like P.J. O’Rourke’s quote about “the good ole days”

Shit yeah. I met my now-husband in 1997 and moved from Colorado to Michigan in 2002. I pretty much always feel like it’s really sometime in that period, or (at most) a few years later. That is except when I think it’s really the early 90s.

I just about never feel like it’s the 80s. That seems a long time ago.

For AaronX’s data gathering, I was born in 1970. What really freaks me out is thinking that the people who were born in, say, 1990 probably look at the 70s the way I looked at the 50s, and then my brain explodes.